6 Tips For Organizing Holiday Re-Gifting

John Trosko Organizer

At one time or another we’ve all received holiday gifts given to us with good intentions yet didn’t really work for our taste. Unwanted gifts clutter up the house or office while we figure out what to do with the gift. Guilt and fear paralyze us into keeping gifts we don’t want or need.

Re-gifting is becoming a perfectly acceptable social practice. In a recent survey, when asked if it is okay to receive a re-gifted item, 83% of survey respondents said yes. So if you are now considering re-gifting this holiday season, use these 6 tips as guidelines when re-gifting:

1. Gift packaging and contents must be in excellent condition;

2. Remove old tape remnants and re-wrap the gift in new wrapping paper;

3. Only give the gift to someone who will appreciate and use it;

4. Make sure all the pieces (puzzles, toys) are intact and unbroken;

5. Never re-gift unsold garage sale merchandise; fruit cakes, gift cards with partially used balances
and nothing monogrammed.

6. Keep track of who gave you the gift; don’t mistake giving it back to them!

Re-gifting is a great way to declutter your space and get organized, to be environmentally conscious by recycling and reusing and helps to keep your budget down. So go ahead and celebrate this season and re-gift, re-gift, re-gift! Santa approves.

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Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm PDT

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