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Addison Rae's Dad Monty Lopez Claims He Divorced Sheri Easterling 'Months Ago' Amid Alleged Cheating Drama

Addison Rae's Dad Monty Lopez Claims He Divorced Sheri Easterling 'Months Ago' Amid Alleged Cheating Drama

Addison Rae‘s father Monty Lopez is speaking out about his love life.

Of course, the 46-year-old has been under the watchful eye of thousands of people online after his alleged infidelity earlier this year involving the social media influencer’s mother, Sheri Easterling. But according to Lopez, in a new interview with Page Six, he is supposedly completely free and clear of any responsibility to his (now-ex?) wife. And has been for a while! So, so much for those affair allegations then?!?!

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Speaking alongside his girlfriend Renée Ash during a Zoom call with the news outlet on Wednesday, Lopez explained how he has apparently been divorced from Easterling for “a couple months.” Addison’s dad told the outlet:

“Our divorce is finalized. What I can do from here on out, I can move forward. In Louisiana, it’s real easy, it’s a lot different. You have to figure, we’ve been separated for over two years now. When you go in front of the court system over here and you say, ‘hey, we’ve been separated for over two years, we’ve been living apart for a year and and a half,’ we’ve done our due diligence.”

He added more about how he has long been split up from the 43-year-old woman, revealing:

“There’s nothing else that needs to be done. We go in front of a judge, I sign it, she signs and then we’re on to the next step.”

The duo had been off-and-on for years, including getting remarried in 2017. But it sounds like things are completely done at this point.

And so now Lopez — who lives in Los Angeles full-time and returns to Louisiana once a month to co-parent sons Enzo, 15, and Lucas, 9 — is moving on with Ash. He told the outlet about their love:

“Honestly, I just don’t want to miss an opportunity with someone that I really care about. So, I’m excited that we’re talking again, I’m excited we’re talking about moving in together, I’m excited … to see the next step in this relationship.”

He also explained how he doesn’t really communicate with Sheri about all the romantic drama that has blown up online. Of course, she’s had her own very high-profile dalliances since their split, too. So it’s not just him!

But it sounds like those topics haven’t come up too much:

“It’s not something we talk about … we’re talking about our children, what our kids have to do, what’s coming up. I’m not asking her about relationships, which I’m sure she’s been in a few. And she doesn’t ask me what I’m doing.”

Ash also spoke up during the interview.

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She told the outlet that Lopez wants to “get engaged,” but she’s more content to take things slow. She also made it sound like she wants to meet Sheri and lay out some ability to build a way to communicate as things get more serious:

“We’re taking things slow. I would like to meet Sheri before meeting the kids, just so she’s comfortable.”

Ash even added that she previously tried to contact Sheri while the drama was really hitting the fan a few months ago, but nothing ever came of it:

“No bad blood on my part with her at all — at all. When we were broken up, I actually reached out and was like, ‘I understand if you never want to talk to me, but we could be a source of comfort or just be there for each other.’ She didn’t answer me because she might not want to hear from me.”


What do y’all make of these revelations, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Sheri Easterling/Monty Lopez/Instagram]

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