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OMG, This Poor Adele Superfan Has Had EVERY SINGLE CONCERT She Had Tickets To Canceled!

Adele Fan TikTok Every Canceled Show

We felt bad for Adele fans who couldn’t go to her Las Vegas residency after all the shows sold out immediately. We felt worse for the fans who paid — we kid you now — $30,000 for resale tickets.

But that was nothing compared to the misery of fans who bought tickets, took time off work, paid for airfare and hotels — and then at the last minute, literally with ONE DAY’S NOTICE, learned Adele had canceled the whole thing, saying, “My show ain’t ready.”

Sure, maybe it’ll be rescheduled some time in the near future, but so much of that travel money can’t ever be refunded. So it’s a bad beat, even by Vegas standards.

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But we didn’t see any sob stories as bad as that of a woman named Eleni on TikTok. The poor superfan, who posts videos under the username @elenisabracos, revealed this isn’t even the first time Adele has canceled on her.


It started with Madison Square Garden — though it turned out that time the tickets she bought were fake. (Adele tix have been hot with scalpers for a while now, ugh.)

But the next time she bought tickets, she did it right, even flying to the Hello singer’s home turf of London for seats in the coveted Golden Circle section — you know, where people get proposed to by Adele and whatnot. Only this London show was July 1, 2017 at Wembley Stadium — when Adele canceled the final two shows of her tour after getting vocal chord damage. Those fans were promised a reschedule, too. It never happened.

Not only that, after getting hit with the huge disappointment, Eleni’s taxi driver back to her hotel was named Adeel. You cannot make this up.

All her misses with Adele even at that point were tragicomic enough that folks from The Ellen DeGeneres Show contacted her. After all, how great would it be to have her on to tell her story, only to surprise her with meeting Adele??

Yeah, that never happened. Adele didn’t do any press for years afterward.

Cut to Christmas 2021 when Eleni’s thoughtful brother surprised her with tickets to Weekends with Adele. She traveled to Vegas, so excited, only to get the news — leaving her time to edit together an amazing viral Tiktok video instead. Which of course ends with the poor girl screaming from a Sin City hotel balcony! LOLz!

See the amazing vid for yourself (below)!

@elenisabracos IM NOT MAD AT #ADELE I JUST WANT TO GIVE HER THESE SHIRTS AND DRINK WHISPERING ANGEL TOGETHER #storytime #ellenshow ♬ original sound – Eleni

Adele is “gutted” and “embarrassed,” as she said in her tearful video. But how do you think Elenis feels??

BTW, she later shared the full original video of her telling the story of Adele canceling in London…

@elenisabracos Reply to @ldenbigh GUYS IT’S SO TRAGIC IT’S FUNNY #storytime ♬ original sound – Eleni

…and revealed she went to see Magic Mike Live instead! LOLz!

@elenisabracos Reply to @emmaperrow ♬ original sound – Eleni

OMG, it’s too much!

On the bright side, one of the countless people who couldn’t help but laugh along with Elenis? Finneas, brother and collaborator of Billie Eilish! He wrote to her:

“If you ever want tickets to a show, lemme know! Hopefully we won’t cancel

Hey, silver lining, right?

[Image via Adele/Instagram/elenisabracos/TikTok.]

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