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Confused By Britney Spears' Rambling Social Media Captions? It's Just SOUTHERN & This TikToker Is Translating!

britney spears, kimberly thomas : tiktok user translates britney's social media posts "in a southern way" to help people understand

Everyday, we understand Britney Spears a bit more — but having a translator really helps!

The more we learn about everything Brit suffered during her conservatorship (and even before that), the more we get where she’s coming from. But even understanding that her anger comes from a really reasonable place, sometimes it’s hard to decipher the intentions behind her long and rambling Instagram posts.

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This has been more of an issue than ever now that the pop star’s feud with her sister Jamie Lynn Spears has kicked up a notch. Britney has been popping off on her younger sibling’s memoir, but her distinctive, emoji-filled rants have left some fans scratching their heads.

Enter TikTok user Kimberly Thomas, who has offered her services as a “Southern translator.” Shortly after the singer’s latest angry missive against JL, Kimberly posted a video to help clear things up. She said:

“A lot of people are concerned about the way that she’s writing things, saying that she’s not writing them in a way that sounds normal, or whatever, and she uses lots of dots and things like that. Lemme just explain something real quick. Britney Spears is from Louisiana. And if you’re from the South like me — I’m from Alabama — you can read this in a way that’s being said in a Southern way. So I’m gonna read it that way, so that way y’all can understand how she meant to say this.”

Hearing the 40-year-old’s posts out loud is a totally different experience than reading it (and unlike Rachel Zegler‘s controversial attempt, this reading actually feels like Britney’s voice). Just listen (below):

@kimberlytahmus Part 2? #britneyspears #southerntranslator #jamielynnspears???????? @britneyspears ♬ original sound – Kimberly Thomas

Kimberly’s comments were flooded with people saying they “genuinely needed this” and that her translation “actually clears things up a lot” and “contextualized her writing.” Meanwhile, fellow Southerners agreed that the Stronger artist’s posts “made perfect sense” to them.

Here’s another example:

@kimberlytahmus Reply to @l.tezo @britneyspears hope I did you justice #southerntranslator #britneyspears #jamielynnspears???????? ♬ original sound – Kimberly Thomas

When one commenter dismissed the Grammy winner’s posts as “mania,” Kimberly called the response “offensive.” In another video, she replied:

​​”You must have never had nobody sit you down and curse you out from the South. Like, literally just cuss you the f**k out. Because that’s exactly what she was doing with Jamie Lynn. And you must ain’t ever had somebody come up to you and have, like, a come to Jesus meetin’ with you about your behavior. Because that’s what she’s doing. She’s having a come to Jesus meeting with Jamie Lynn, online, about her behavior, and that’s what she’s doing.”

She added:

“We also don’t know what Britney Spears suffers from, or if she suffers from a mental illness, and if she does, it ain’t none of my damn business. All I know is that’s how she’s writing her posts, she’s writing it like somebody would say it out loud. And that’s what she’s doing, and so that’s the service I provide.”

@kimberlytahmus Reply to @howlsmoving ♬ original sound – Kimberly Thomas

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Kimberly’s videos are clearly doing a lot to help people understand where Britney is coming from. In fact, it’s prompting people to make even more connections, like one commenter who observed:

“Also this was the popular way to text like 12 years ago too and she hasn’t been able to post herself in that long”

Soooo interesting! What do U think, Perezcious readers — did these “translations” help you better understand Brit’s posts? Give us your reactions in the comments (below)!

And in the meantime, ch-ch-check out a few more of Kimberly’s translations:

@kimberlytahmus Y’all want more? #southerntranslator #britneyspears #jamielynnspears???????? ♬ original sound – Kimberly Thomas

@kimberlytahmus Reply to @mkjmpayne Britney is free and spillin that tea ☕️ #britneyspears #jamielynnspears???????? #southerntranslator ♬ original sound – Kimberly Thomas

@kimberlytahmus Tag me on IG for whichever ones you want me to translate for y’all #britneyspears #jamielynnspears???????? #southerntranslator ♬ original sound – Kimberly Thomas

[Image via Britney Spears/Instagram & Kimberly Thomas/TikTok]

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