Ariana Grande Goes OFF On Twitics Blasting Her Over Her ‘Great’ Dinner Debate With Piers Morgan!

Ariana Grande WILL speak her mind at all times — whether it’s to political adversary Piers Morgan or Twitics blasting her for having a conversation with said political adversary!

The 7 Rings songstress took to Twitter Thursday to defend the hours-long discussion she had with the TV personality after critics called her out for breaking bread with the enemy.

As we reported, Ari ran into Piers at a restaurant in New York and decided to sit down at his table, where the two apparently enjoyed a four-course, “great” dinner debate about feminism and other social issues they had clashed over.

While the meal was apparently very “productive” for both parties, some of the songstress’ fans were upset she had the audacity to say the journalist was “kinder and gentler” in person, when he’s said such awful things about female celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Little Mix, and even the Sweetener artist in the past.

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For those fans, the 25-year-old had little patience — but she went about explaining her actions anyway, writing in a series of tweets:

Responding to a critic who accused her of “dehumanizing” the provocateur, Ari wrote:

The songstress then reiterated why she would NEVER ignore anyone who misunderstands her actions:

Piers, to his credit, agreed that their chat was quite productive, writing:

And, just for the record:


Sounds like Ariana’s intentions here were quite pure. Do U agree?

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN/Fox News.]

Feb 22, 2019 10:32am PDT