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Amanda Bynes' Family BANS Her From Seeing Ex Paul Michael! But WHY??

Amanda Bynes Parents Ban Ex-Fiance Paul Michael 5150 Psychiatric Hold

According to early reports, Amanda Bynes‘ parents have chosen NOT to try to get her under another conservatorship amid her psychiatric hold. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to lay down the law and practice some tough love.

As you’ve probably heard, the All That alum has been in the hospital for days on a 5150 following an incident in which she was found wandering naked in downtown Los Angeles — a really scary prospect! Thankfully she found the presence of mind to flag down a car and call 911 herself, explaining she needed help as she was coming down from a psychotic episode. We later heard in a TMZ report that she’d been “living on the streets for several days” — and was spotted multiple times, always out of it, before the final time when even her clothes were gone.

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We’re so glad she realized she needed help! But what help? What can those who love her do now? Apparently one step, as far as her parents are concerned, is to keep her away from her former fiancé, Paul Michael! A source close to the former child star told Amanda’s parents are right there with her in the hospital — and doing everything they can to keep Paul out:

“They do not want her ex-fiancé around her, and he has been instructed to have no contact with her.”

Whoa! But why? What’s going on?? The insider explained:

“He does not seem to have her best interests in mind and her family has nothing good to say about him.”

Inneresting. We’d heard Lynn Bynes didn’t want her daughter to get married. We wondered whether that was concern over her decision-making or about this man specifically. Now it seems it was the latter. We know the former couple met in rehab — is that their only issue? Are there more red flags we don’t know about? Do they consider him a bad influence?

Paul did speak out a bit after Amanda’s latest mental episode, which kiiinda felt like not respecting her privacy. He told Page Six in an interview that she was “off her meds” and going “wild.” It seemed a bit like concern, like he wanted her to stay on the meds. But also… wasn’t he kind of just dishing the dirt?

For now Amanda’s psychiatric hold has been extended, and we’re not sure how long she’ll ultimately be in hospital care. But when she’s more lucid, we hope she’ll be able to tell us herself what happened with Paul to make her parents so protective. We’d rather get it directly from the source, when she feels like sharing.

Why do YOU think the What I Like About You star’s parents are afraid of? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

[Image via Amanda Bynes/Instagram.]

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