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Amanda Bynes Under 100 Lbs?! 'Dramatic Weight Loss' Caused By Prescription Drug Use?!

Amanda Bynes Weight Loss Drug Use

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

In case you haven’t heard the bad news yet, it seems Amanda Bynes has fallen back on hard times.

According to a shocking report from TMZ Monday morning, the All That star was found wandering naked on the street in downtown LA. She flagged down a passing car for help, telling them she was coming down from a psychotic episode — and eventually called 911 on herself. The police had her examined, and she was put on a 5150 psychiatric hold — the same thing that happened to her so many years ago, before all the rehab and treatment.

So what happened??

It seems this didn’t happen overnight. Sources have since spilled to The Blast that people close to Amanda believe she’s been abusing prescription drugs. It obviously isn’t known for certain which medications she’s using, but they did note when it comes to prescription drugs, she’s previously had issues with Adderall. The amphetamine, used to treat ADHD, is at the top of the list of likely suspects due to its side effect of causing severe weight loss — something that’s apparently been going on with the former child star.

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A source told the outlet Amanda has undergone a “startling and dramatic weight loss over the last few months.” In fact, they say she’s lost so much weight, she’s now under 100 lbs! She’s been keeping such a low profile, off of social media, that no one but her inner circle could even see it.

So upsetting all this is happening just a year after Amanda finally got her mother’s conservatorship lifted after nine long years! If this has been going on for months, it implies she might still need it after all! We don’t know about the conservatorship exactly, one could certainly wonder if that helped at all if this is what’s happening all these years later. But she definitely still needs professional help.

This is all just so heartbreaking. We fully expected to be talking about Amanda Bynes today — but in such a different context. She was scheduled to attend the new 90s Con, where she was going to be reuniting with co-stars from her Nickelodeon days. We were so excited to see her back in her element, being the funniest person around.

If you or someone you know is experiencing substance abuse, help is available. Consider checking out the resources SAMHSA provides at or check out

[Image via Amanda Bynes/Instagram/WENN.]

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