Ariana Grande Says Her Breakup With Big Sean Was Actually Pretty Easy! Deets HERE!

She says it helped that they were friends first!

Remember that time Ariana Grande and Big Sean were dating? While it caught us off-guard at first, the two seemed to be a promising pair, especially since we already knew they worked well together (you guys, Problem is STILL stuck in our heads).

But several months later, the cute couple called it quits.

Now, the pint-sized pop princess is opening up to Ryan Murphy — who interviewed his Scream Queens star for V Magazine — about how she was able to cope with the breakup.

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And it turns out, she handled it all pretty well, saying:

“I’m good at making the best out of something. It also wasn’t that hard for me, because we were friends. So it’s chill.”

We LOVE hearing that! Breakups can be pretty tough, so we’re glad this one was relatively easy for the vocal powerhouse.

And while she threw herself into her work after the split, she says none of the songs off her upcoming album Moonlight will be about the rapper, spilling:

“You know, people found out quite a while after it actually happened. By the time I was writing the new album, I had kind of moved on. It’s not going to be captured on the album too much. I’m in a happy place. There aren’t any breakup anthems because I had moved on. I was like, alright. Well, f*ck it.”

Well that’s good that Ari was able to get over her heartbreak pretty quickly. Although we’re positive that if she ever puts out a breakup song it would be totally killer!

We’re just not sure it’s in the cards for the girl with the flawless pipes, since she feels pretty good about the fact that she hasn’t written one:

“I’ve been feeling a lot more empowered, and grown up, and independent. I think that’s part of the reason I didn’t want to make a pissed-off break-up song. I was not focused on that. Everything is nice and great right now├óΓé¼┬ªwhy would I write about some bullsh*t? I’d rather write about some really lovely things that are going on.”

That makes a lot of sense, especially after the songbird wrote an AHmazing essay in June about the double-standards women face, and how they shouldn’t be identified by the men they date.

She explains that’s a huge part of the reason why she doesn’t want to sing about her former flame:

“I wrote something a little while ago, about what it’s like to constantly be attached to a man in the media, and how I’m not Sean’s ex. I would prefer to be referred to as just Ariana. But then some people were being like, what a hypocrite, because now she has a new boyfriend. But they’re still missing the point. It doesn’t matter whether I’m on my own or not. Whatever I decide to do with my body, with my heart, and with my life, I can still be my own person.”

Since she bounced back from this breakup so well, it would seem like the 22-year-old has it all figured out when it comes to getting over that special someone, right?

“I have no breakup advice. Good luck!”

After thinking a little bit more about what she would say to someone who just got out of a relationship, she realized she actually does have some words of wisdom:

“I’m not going to pretend I have great breakup advice. It’s hard. Good luck. You’ll be fine. You don’t need anyone. It’s nice to have someone that makes you happy, but it’s nice to be happy on your own as well. You don’t need to depend on another person for your happiness. That person can contribute to your happiness, but you’re two whole beings on your own. You can make each other glow, like you just ran through one of those rainbow stars in Mario Brothers, but you’re still completely capable, sufficient, and beautiful, and can be happy on your own. That’s my breakup advice! There you go! I got it!”

We couldn’t agree more, Ari! We’re so glad you were able stay positive both before and after Big Sean!

[Image via Alfredo Flores/V Magazine.]

Sep 22, 2015 8:48pm PDT