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Woman Sees Husband With Another Woman While Driving -- And Runs Over Them Both In Shocking CCTV Footage!

Woman Sees Husband With Another Woman While Driving -- And Runs Over Them Both In Shocking CCTV Footage!

Some of our Aussie readers may know this story already — but they’ve never seen it presented like this!

In March of 2021, Queensland resident Christie-Lee Kennedy was out driving in her white BMW when she ran into her husband — AND his other woman!

This wasn’t a chance meeting. Kennedy had suspected her spouse was being unfaithful for quite some time, but she was done with the suspicions and planned to catch him in the act. She used the Find My iPhone tracker app on hubby David Larkin‘s cell to follow him one evening after he reportedly told her he was going to pick up the kids from daycare — and clearly he was NOT with the kids! No, instead what Christie-Lee saw through her windshield was her husband standing outside a vehicle on a quiet street –embracing his mistress, a woman named Zowie Noring.

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The shocked wife slammed on the gas and rammed right into her cheating husband and his mistress, causing them to slam into the pavement. Not only that, Kennedy jumped out of her car and attacked Noring, pulling her hair and punching her in the head! She at first drive off — but eventually came back to the scene to wait for EMTs with her injured husband.

Innerestingly, when police arrived, she told a different story.

During her trial, Kennedy claimed she just hit her brakes too late, and never intended to hit Larkin and Noring — a claim that’s had the country split with opinions. Obviously many folks who know what it’s like to catch your partner cheating will be on her side. But at the same time, she obviously wasn’t trying to hit the brake, right?? Like we said, our Australian readers may be familiar with this story as it’s taken the Land Down Under by storm. But now we have a whole new perspective — as police have released more deets on the case, includine CCTV footage that shows the whole thing going down!

With footage shared to 9News on Monday, you can see Larkin alongside his mistress when Kennedy accelerates right into them. They can be seen falling to the ground, and, as reported, later in the clip you can see the wife pummeling the other woman. Did she claim to authorities she accidentally punched Noring, too? That she meant to hit the hand brake? LOLz!

Ch-ch-check out the shocking footage for yourself (below):

A witness to the crash and a resident of the neighborhood, known only as Scummy, told the outlet:

“I heard the thud from inside and we had the TV cranked up and you could hear ‘bang’. I picked up my phone, called the ambos [ambulance] and my boy chased that girl down the road.”

So scary! But did Kennedy get off too light?

After her court dates last month, Judge Paul Smith originally sentenced her to just nine months in jail for the crash, but those charges were suspended and she’ll serve no time in prison! NO TIME! She hit the pair with a car!

Instead, she’s been suspended from driving for nine months. She was also ordered to pay the victims $5,000 AUD each within 2 weeks, or have a month of jail tacked onto her sentence. Explaining his reasoning the judge said:

“I think it would be fair to conclude that you would be quite shocked about what you saw there despite what you suspicions you had prior. You’re obviously an excellent employee and a very good mother and it’s a real shame you committed this offense but I do form a firm view that this offending is out of character and it’s unlikely you’ll reoffend with anything like this.”

As for the victims? Well, now they’re official! After the incident, Kennedy and Larkin separated. Now he’s in a relationship with Noring — a less a secret affair this time. Yes, they’re out in the open. Just probably not on the open road…

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Was her sentencing fair, given the circumstances? Or should the fact she could have killed these two gotten her more jail time than ZERO?? Sound OFF (below).

[Image via 9News/Facebook]

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