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Ben Affleck GOES OFF On Paparazzi For Putting Him & Daughter 'In Danger' After Leaving Jennifer Lopez's House!

Ben Affleck GOES OFF On Paparazzi After Leaving Jennifer Lopez's House!

Ben Affleck just called out the paparazzi for putting him “in danger” while they were tracking his every move! And he was PISSED!!!

In a video obtained by TMZ, the actor was spotted leaving his marital home in Beverly Hills on Sunday night. As he drove out of his driveway, a bunch of cameramen started snapping pictures of him with their flashes on — making it super hard for him to see as he drove down the lane. It was so hard for him to see, in fact, that the front of his car actually banged into the road as he turned onto the main street! And he narrowly avoided crashing into a large shipping container nearby! Damn!!

Mad about that totally unnecessary safety hazard, he then abruptly stopped and put the car in reverse before storming out of the vehicle and confronting one pap who was standing closest to his driveway. Furious about the situation, the Good Will Hunting alum got into the dude’s face, yelling:

“Listen man, you’re gonna get me in an accident. Don’t flash your light at someone driving down their driveway. … Don’t do that. That’s dangerous. You don’t even know if that’s me. You could cause an accident.”

He’s not wrong!

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The guy tried to defend himself, but Ben wasn’t hearing it. As he turned toward his car, the Air director told the other paps:

“Stop, man. It’s dangerous what you guys are doing, do you understand? I can’t see. You’re going to get somebody hurt doing this s**t.”

The father of three then had an even more nerve-wracking realization, adding:

“My daughter’s coming down here. If you flash the lights on her you’re putting her in danger, do you understand that?”

If it was scary driving for him under those conditions, no wonder he’s concerned about his child — who would presumably be 18-year-old Violet in that instance! Good for him for trying to make sure that she’d have an easier time leaving the property!

It’s unclear how the paps handled her exit, but from the video, it sounds like they understand they f**ked up. That doesn’t mean they’ll change their behavior, though. Ya know?! Watch HERE.

BTW, while Ben was at his family home, he was not there to reunite with Jennifer Lopez. His wife is currently in Paris as she enjoys some vacation time with friends amid the couple’s marriage struggles. The former lovebirds are quietly trying to sell the mansion right now, so he could’ve been there for any number of reasons. We bet he wishes he was somewhere on vacation, too, rather than dealing with this stressful media frenzy! Reactions? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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