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Ben Affleck Still Wearing His Ring While All Alone -- Why Would He If There Wasn't A Chance??

Ben Affleck Still Wearing His Ring While All Alone -- Why Would He If There Wasn't A Chance??

Is Ben Affleck actually secretly hoping to reconcile with Jennifer Lopez???

The Gigli co-stars have been the talk of the town for months now, with rumors their marriage is falling apart setting Tinseltown on fire. From Ben moving out of their multi-million dollar marital home — which they’re now trying to sell — to J.Lo suddenly canceling her This Is Me… Live tour… and MUCH more evidence.

The word from some sources has been the Jenny from the Block singer is the one trying to fight for the relationship, with Ben’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner even reportedly trying to help! But more recently, it’s seemed like J.Lo has come to terms with their estrangement a bit more and is trying to embrace the single life… But is his wife giving up on the marriage enough to freak out Ben and change his mind??

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On Wednesday, acquired photos of the Batman v Superman star with his signature tense facial expression puffing on a cigarette in his car outside of his LA office… And he was wearing his wedding band! He was also spotted heading into the office in a fitting suit with a light blue shirt and a backpack, still with the ring on his finger. See HERE.

So, why does this matter?? Well, it seems all but certain the two are on the outs. He was notably spotted with and without the ring last month, but that was before reports surfaced that Jen is pretty much done trying. AND she posted a beauty ad on her Instagram on Tuesday CLEARLY without her ring on… And that was FOR cameras. Almost like she was trying to send a message. You know, let us know without really letting us know.

Ben’s latest pics, on the other hand, were candid. These were sneaky paparazzi shots! He’s not putting on an act for an event, like he seemed to be last month. No fake smiles for the cameras. He appears to be in his natural element… And still chooses to wear the ring! But why?! Is it because he’s still “protective” over her and wants to give her the respect of remaining united until they give an official statement? Does he regret their estrangement? Is there still possibly a chance for them?!

There’s SO many questions! We guess we’ll just have to wait for a more solid answer. Thoughts??

[Images via MEGA/WENN]

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