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Billy Ray Cyrus Releases Alleged Love Note & Apology Text Firerose Sent AFTER He Filed For Divorce Following Her Abuse Claims!

Billy Ray Cyrus Releases Love Note & Apology Texts Firerose Allegedly Sent AFTER He Filed For Divorce Following Her Abuse Claims!

Billy Ray Cyrus has revealed a new fold in his nasty split from Firerose.

As we’ve been following, the Cyrus patriarch filed for divorce from his wife of seven months in May. He cited “irreconcilable differences” and “inappropriate marital conduct,” ultimately alleging that she cheated on him. He asked the court for an annulment after claiming their marriage was obtained fraudulently. He even requested a restraining order since she allegedly racked up nearly $100k in credit card charges AFTER he initially filed!

On Tuesday, Firerose responded to all of Billy Ray’s filings with a bombshell of her own accusing him of “extreme verbal, emotional and psychological abuse.” Furthermore, she claimed that he abused substances and filed for divorce the DAY before she was scheduled to undergo a double mastectomy, which she claims he promised to pay for. She subsequently left their marital home and had to cancel the procedure indefinitely since she no longer has a solid place to live and recover… Or a secure way to cover the expenses! She alleged a ton of more disturbing details in her filings, which you can catch up HERE.

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That’s some REALLY messed up stuff… But is it all true??

Well, on the same day, Billy Ray revealed a love letter and a lengthy text Firerose allegedly sent him AFTER he filed for divorce in which she seemingly begs for him to take her back. The handwritten note, obtained by Page Six, reads:

“I miss you more than I can possibly explain in words baby. Please lets work this out and not become anything but closer out of this hellish experience. I need you. I love you. I am so sorry.”

It’s not clear what exactly she’s apologizing for, but this certainly is a stark contrast to her view of him in her latest legal filings.

The outlet also obtained a text message the Achy Breaky Heart crooner allegedly received from Firerose, which reads:

“I am listening to you baby. I love you. I don’t want us to be on different sides fighting a war that nobody wins. I am going to do what you’re telling me because you promise me we can talk as soon as I’ve left and I trust you. I’m praying with my entire soul that we can find each other again today. I feel completely lost & miss you more than I can explain. And you will know I’m listening to and showing you with my actions. We need to be kind and loving to each other no matter what happens. You have been my best friend in the world every day for over 4 years. 24/7. I miss you terribly. My heart is shattered & I need my best friend right now more than ever. I lost 5lbs since Wednesday. I just can’t eat no matter how much I try. I don’t want to live without you. Please give me a chance to make this right, I can explain everything but I need you on my side. Need my hero back.”

Again, it’s not clear what all she’s exactly talking about, but it probably has something to do with that “inappropriate marital conduct” Billy Ray accused her of. And that’s not even everything…

In an amendment to his original divorce filing also obtained by the news org, the Hannah Montana star revealed more details regarding why he believes their marriage was fraudulent. He claimed the Australian singer, whose real name is Johanna Rosie Hodges, lied about never having been married before him, claiming that the “Hodges” last name is actually that of her ex-husband — not her own family! Because of that, Billy Ray claimed she “knowingly, willfully and intentionally committed fraud” in order to obtain and use his famous last name, which she goes by on Instagram. His legal docs added:

“He would not have entered the bonds of matrimony … because he did not actually know the true person that she was.”


This whole thing is really intense. Of course, we know Miley Cyrus and her dad have been at odds for a while now and that she didn’t even attend his wedding. Seems like we’re just scratching the surface here. Jeez! This is a LOT! What are your reactions?? Let us know in the comments down below!

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