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Miley Cyrus Feels 'Vindicated' After Billy Ray Claims 'Fraud' In Divorce Filing -- She Warned Him About That Girl!

Miley Cyrus Vindicated Warned Billy Ray Cyrus Divorce Firerose

We still don’t know what caused Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose‘s marriage to fall apart — we’re still waiting for the dust to clear after that explosive filing!

In the legal docs that hit the internet earlier this week, the Achy Breaky Heart singer cited the reason for the split as not just the usual “irreconcilable differences” but also “inappropriate marital conduct.” Whoa! Not only that, he asked the court last month for an annulment of the whole seven-month union because, he claimed, the marriage was entered into fraudulently!


We never liked the couple’s chances because, well, the whole thing was too weird. Billy Ray being the Aussie singer’s mentor was one thing, but with that age gap on top of it? And the fact he met her when she was like an extra on Hannah Montana? Sketchy, right?

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Apparently Miley Cyrus thought so, too. Only she was less worried about the idea of her dad taking advantage of a naive wannabe entertainer and more concerned a clout-chaser was getting her tendrils in to help advance her singing career! A source told on Thursday the Party In The USA singer has a big ol’ “I told you so” locked and loaded:

“Miley is vindicated knowing that she was right about Firerose the whole time and she used to tell everyone that every rose has its thorn… Miley knew from day one that she was no good and was using her dad and she was right. Everyone warned him of this, and he was adamant that they were in love.”

The source says part of the reason the family split apart was because of Firerose. Apparently her kid sis Noah Cyrus fell for the act just like dad!

“Firerose was one of the reasons she stopped talking to her dad… Noah took her father’s side and became close with Firerose.”

We wonder how Noah is taking the divorce… right after her other issues with Tish Cyrus, too…

OK, so here’s maybe the biggest question: now that Walk About Eve is out of the picture, does that mean Miley and her dad will reconcile? Not so fast! The source says:

“This does not mean that Miley will be back in communication with Billy. She has no communication with her dad right now.”

Clearly he’s ready to put the past behind them as he shouted out his daughter on Instagram this week. But that’s gonna be an uphill climb! The insider explained:

“If their relationship is ever going to be fixed, he will have to do some serious apologizing for shutting her out and treating her and her mother like he did.”

Fair enough, right? We mean, he ignored her advice when she tried to protect him. Instead of listening to his daughter, he chose a woman disturbingly close to his daughter’s age… Might take some time to forgive that alone.

[Image via Netflix/Billy Ray Cyrus/Instagram.]

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