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Billy Ray Cyrus Accused Wife Firerose Of Cheating AND Stealing From Him!

Billy Ray Cyrus Accuses Wife Firerose Cheating Credit Card Fraud

Obviously knowing Billy Ray Cyrus was divorcing his much younger bride after just seven months was enough to realize things got BAD! But the filing itself hinted at a mess that could even dwarf the Tish/Noah/guy from Prison Break love triangle!

When Billy Ray filed for divorce from Firerose last month, he cited “inappropriate marital conduct” and asked for an annulment because, he said, the marriage had been obtained fraudulently! Wow! And now, a couple days after the paperwork surfaced, we finally have some idea what all that might have been about!

A source told Us Weekly on Friday there was a cheating allegation!

“Billy and Firerose were always fighting and the relationship was intense and toxic at times. Billy accused Firerose of cheating and it was the final straw for him.”

“Toxic”? The relationship between a mentor music star and an aspiring singer 27 years his junior, whom he met well over a decade ago on the set of a children’s TV show starring his daughter? You don’t say?

The cheating is clearly the new aspect here. Relationships can survive a lot of issues — but infidelity is a dealbreaker in even some of the strongest relationships. Though admittedly, it does not sound like things were hunky dory apart from other fellas crossing her Old Town Road either…

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In new court docs obtained by TMZ, in addition to the annulment, Billy Ray also asked the court for a temporary restraining order against Firerose, whose real name is Johanna Rose Hodges btw. Why? He claims she stole money from him!

He says she racked up 37 unauthorized charges on his American Express Card between May 23 and June 7. We’re not talking about 7-Eleven visits either — all these charges added up to $96,986.05! That’s serious money! When this man said fraud, he meant fraud.

And to be clear, we aren’t talking about a husband being upset that women be shoppin’. Those dates are critical here — Billy Ray listed the date of separation as May 22. This means, according to his legal claims, he dumped the Aussie singer, and she responded by taking his credit card and going hog wild!

Billy Ray argues he never gave her this kind of access to his credit card — they hadn’t set up joint accounts or anything yet. So he’s asking a judge to block her from spending any more of his money AND to reimburse him.

Firerose has already responded with her own filing. She argues she has had access to all his finances since moving in with him in 2022 — and he never gave her any specific limit on her spending. BTW, a big chunk of that was apparently a retainer for her own divorce lawyers — which she also says she’s accustomed to, as she’s still his wife before the divorce is final. Hmm… So husbands always have to pay their wives’ divorce attorneys? Not sure how that works…

Furthermore, Firerose says this wasn’t a shopping spree, she was just maintaining the lifestyle to which she’d become accustomed! So… she always spent tens of thousands of dollars every two weeks?? Yeesh!

Apparently all of this has now truly opened Billy Ray’s eyes to just who he really married — even if Miley Cyrus had already tried to warn him she was a clout chaser. The Us source says the whole family got a bad impression:

“Miley, Noah, and their siblings never understood the relationship and why Billy married her so abruptly. No one approved of the marriage.”

Miley, at least according to this rather hopeful sounding source, is glad her dad’s eyes were finally opened and per the insider “is hopeful this will give some peace to the family and she thinks this is a good step in the right direction for him.” Though, as we previously heard, this doesn’t instantly fix their relationship either.

Still, this paints a pretty clear picture of, at the very least, where Billy Ray and Firerose currently stand. He thinks she’s a cheater and a thief, she thinks he’s… still her husband and therefore she’s entitled?

What do YOU think of all this, Perezcious paralegals??

[Image via Billy Ray Cyrus/Instagram.]

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