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Blac Chyna Shares ADORABLE Rare Pics Of Kids King Cairo Stevenson & Dream Kardashian!

Blac Chyna and her kids!

Blac Chyna is a “cool mom,” didn’t you know??

On Wednesday on Instagram, the Rob & Chyna alum shared adorable photos of her two kids: 6-year-old King Cairo Stevenson and 2-year-old Dream Kardashian!

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In one pic, Tyga‘s son kisses Rob Kardashian‘s daughter on the forehead, while the two pose on a trampoline wearing matching Adidas tracksuits!

The 31-year-old added the caption:

“Seven things every child needs to hear: I love you, I’m proud of you, I’m sorry, I forgive you, I’m listening. This is your responsibility. You have what it takes to succeed.”

In another snap, the Lashed Bar owner joins her bundle of joys as the three show off their pearly whites! She added the text:

“Positivity always wins…Always!”

Finally, in the last photo, the reality TV starlet jumps on the trampoline — as she quotes Amy Poehler‘s character from Mean Girls! She penned:

“I’m not a regular Mom , I’m a cool Mom!”

Chyna welcomed her son and daughter in 2012 and 2016, respectively.

As we reported last month, Rob’s lawyer Marty Singer sent her a “threatening letter” saying Dream can NOT appear on her new show — The Real Blac Chyna.

It read:

“To Whom It May Concern:

We are litigation counsel to Robert Kardashian. I am writing with respect to the upcoming show The Real Blac Chyna starring Angela White (the ‘Series’), which is slated to premiere on The Zeus Network this summer.

Mr. Kardashian and Ms. White share joint custody of their daughter, Dream Kardashian. On or around Friday, June 7, 2019, Ms. White sent out client the attached document, which appears to be a draft Appearance Release for Dream to appear on the Series. My client does not agree that his daughter Dream Kardashian appear in the Series.

Please be advised that The Zeus Network does not have Mr. Kardashian’s consent to Dream’s participation in or appearance on the Series or in any related marketing or promotional materials. Should The Zeus Network proceed with releasing any episodes of the Series or related materials containing Dream’s likeness, it will be acting at its own peril and exposing itself to significant liability.'”

In response, she posted a note on IG, where she slammed Rob and his family as hypocrites for featuring Dream on KUWTK — allegedly without her consent. She wrote:

“As Executive Producer of my show,

It is very unfortunate that Rob could not simply have an adult conversation with me ‘the mother of his child,’ Dream Kardashian, appearing on my show The Real Blac Chyna.

Had Rob contacted me directly rather than through his attorney Marty Singer, Rob would have learned about Dream participation in the show.

First and foremost, I would never allow her 2-year-old daughter to be subjected to ‘long hours’ on the set. Also, the very real and intense drama that happened between my mother and I, during the filming of The Real Blac Chyna took place outside the presence of my daughter. I would never allow my daughter to be present as me and my mom tried to work through our many issues to reach peace in our relationship.

Again, had Rob directly contacted me to discuss, he would have learned that as Executive Producer of my show The Real Blac Chyna, I have the ability to control which scenes are included in the show.

However, I also would have pointed out to Rob the hypocrisy of his family’s insistence that Dream appear on Keeping up with the Kardashians in the family’s desperate attempt to boost the dismal ratings for their stale and contrived show, without my approval, including an entire scene being Dream’s birthday party, again without my consent.

My show is about my life, and my kids are a huge part of my life. It’s really sad that everything I do to better myself or my family the same people have something to say to stop or hinder it.'”

No shortage of drama with Rob and Chyna!

[Image via Blac Chyna/Instagram.]

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