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Blac Chyna SLAMS 'KUWTK' As 'Stale And Contrived' In Response To Rob Kardashian's Legal Threats!

Blac Chyna Rob Kardashian reality TV legal battle

The reality TV drama continues between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna!
At stake here is the battle for Dream Kardashian‘s (potential) reality TV future, with Chyna allegedly all set to have her daughter become a main player on momma’s new reality show — while Rob balks at the thought, turning to legal help to try to make his denial official.
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As we reported on Saturday, Rob’s lawyer Marty Singer fired off a strongly-worded letter to Chyna about the reality TV battle over Dream, in which the bulldog threatened official legal action against BC were she to involve the ex-couple’s daughter in the reality show in any way.
Well, as we’d expected would happen, Chyna has now officially responded to Rob’s legal declaration — and she certainly seems miffed, to say the least, about how her ex couldn’t simply come to her first to discuss Dream’s participation in the show, rather than getting lawyers involved and making the letter such a public event.
Chyna clapped back HARD on Instagram late Saturday afternoon, writing (below):
The message, in its entirety, reads (below):

“As Executive Producer of my show,
It is very unfortunate that Rob could not simply have an adult conversation with me “the mother of his child,” Dream Kardashian, appearing on my show “The Real Blac Chyna.”
Had Rob contacted me directly rather than through his attorney Marty Singer, Rob would have learned about Dream participation in the show.
First and foremost, I would never allow her 2-year-old daughter to be subjected to “long hours” on the set. Also, the very real and intense drama that happened between my mother and I, during the filming of “The Real Blac Chyna” took place outside the presence of my daughter. I would never allow my daughter to be present as me and my mom tried to work through our many issues to reach peace in our relationship.
Again, had Rob directly contacted me to discuss, he would have learned that as Executive Producer of my show “The Real Blac Chyna,” I have the ability to control which scenes are included in the show.
However, I also would have pointed out to Rob the hypocrisy of his family’s insistence that Dream appear on “Keeping up with the Kardashians” in the family’s desperate attempt to boost the dismal ratings for their stale and contrived show, without my approval, including an entire scene being Dream’s birthday party, again without my consent.
My show is about my life, and my kids are a huge part of my life. It’s really sad that everything I do to better myself or my family the same people have something to say to stop or hinder it.”

Um… wow!! Bad grammar aside, Chyna takes some serious shots at the Kardashians and KUWTK in that little missive!!! Think that’ll go over well with momma Kris and the fam?!
Chyna’s new show, which is set to air on The Zeus Network and is called The Real Blac Chyna, will depict the celeb’s daily life — ideally, with Dream included — while giving BC a reality TV outlet she has so long craved, ever after her ongoing (and seemingly endless) legal battle with the Kardashian family over long-since failed reality deals in that empire.
Reactions, Perezcious readers?! What do U think about Chyna’s apparent desire to have Dream be a part of her new reality TV work here?? Is the little girl too young — and, too impressionable — to be involved in something like that, or would it be less of a big deal than what Rob is making it out to be??
We can’t wait to hear from you — sound OFF on everything about this in the comments (below)!!!
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