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Rob Kardashian Says He Will NOT Allow Daughter Dream To Appear On Blac Chyna's New Reality Show

Rob kardashian blac chyna dream kardashian custody battle

Rob Kardashian does NOT want his daughter to be on reality TV as a toddler — at least, not on ex Blac Chyna‘s new show, that is!
Dream Kardashian is at the center of the newest battle between the exes, who at one point had been co-parenting pretty well together right up until, well, the prospect of a looming reality TV series came along, and it all went to hell.
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According to TMZ, Rob’s lawyer Marty Singer has sent a “threatening letter” to Chyna, telling the mom the ex-couple’s two-year-old daughter Dream can NOT appear on her new show — which is aptly titled The Real Blac Chyna. Basically, the letter makes the argument that Rob needs to give consent as the other parent… and he will NOT give consent, so…
You can see the letter itself HERE.
Rob may be in the legal right here, considering how he and Chyna share 50/50 custody split evenly right down the middle — so both parties must be on board and agreeable to something like this for it to be allowed to go forward. Without Rob’s consent, then, it doesn’t appear Chyna will be able to legally show Dream on her new series. Chyna apparently tried to send Rob a release to sign, too, which would’ve allowed Dream to appear on the show legally, but Rob refused to sign the document.
Apparently, Rob has several different reasons for withholding consent here; most notably, even though he and Chyna have been good co-parents together of late, he’s certainly seen all the recent drama she’s gotten herself into, and in a very public way: the hairdresser fights, the police being called multiple times, the explosive fight with her own mother, etc., etc…
Rob allegedly believes Chyna’s life is too tumultuous at present, and subjecting Dream to that drama at such a young age is not exactly healthy. And honestly, he’s probably not wrong about that!
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Furthermore, Rob himself has had a fairly bad experience with reality TV over the years, and it’s apparent he’s not ready for Dream to be subjected to the same work grind and hyper-intense media focus. Very understandable!
We’ll see how this ex-couple ends up proceeding around what has become a very delicate situation here. What we do know is  this: Rob is prepared to take significant legal action if Dream DOES show up on Chyna’s new series.
In the warning letter, Singer writes at one point (below):

“Should The Zeus Network proceed with releasing any episodes of the Series or related materials containing Dream’s likeness, it will be acting at its own peril and exposing itself to significant liability.”

Wow! Not kidding around, y’all!!
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