Brandi Glanville Trashes Her Old Celebrity Apprentice Boss Donald Trump — WATCH!

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Wow! Tell us how you really feel, Brandi Glanville!

While Ms. Glanville is better known for her wine and crazy reality television antics, she showed a very different side of herself on the The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro on Thursday night. Essentially, the momma revealed herself as a very politically aware person who will NOT be voting for Donald Trump in the fall!

Video: Brandi Gets Called A ‘Dumb B*tch’?!

Amazing! We always knew there was something about Brandi we liked…

What’s especially interesting about the convo is B.G.’s insider perspective as a past contestant on Trump’s former reality show Celebrity Apprentice. The blonde appeared on the program’s fourteenth season.

Despite liking D.T. “as a person”, the momma thinks the presidential hopeful is NOT fit to run the country and that his entire campaign is his own imaginary and f*cked up reality show:

“Just because I like him as a person, doesn’t mean I can get behind the things that he says and does… he’s acting like he’s in the boardroom. I think he woke up one day and was like, ‘you know what, today I think I’ll be president’…”

Well, the beauty is simply echoing what many Americans think and feel about the politician’s candidacy. It’s not hard to imagine that all of Donald’s INSANE behavior is to drive up ratings with his contestants constituents!

The outspoken gal went on to add:

“It’s narcissistic behavior, it’s frightening.”

Preach, girl!

You can watch the full enlightening AND candid convo (below)!

So, what did YOU think of Brandi’s words?

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Jun 17, 2016 1:29pm PST

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