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Brian Laundrie's Family 'Furious' Over Woman Claiming To Be His First Girlfriend, Also Named Gabby

Brian Laundrie Family Sister Cassie Fake Ex-Girlfriend Gabriella Darling

The Gabby Petito case has really shown the best and worst the internet is capable of.

On the one hand, as the story of the search for the missing Youtuber spread, witnesses with real information were able to see it and come forward quickly. It was barely a week from the story going viral to her location being pinpointed — and, sadly, her body being found.

However, on the other end of the spectrum you have absolute trash putting out things for attention or just trolling — like after Brian Laundrie‘s remains were identified, someone went to the trouble of crafting a hoax suicide note. All this kind of misinformation does is muddy the waters in an already complex investigation.

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The most recent person to come forward to discuss the late person of interest appears to fall into the latter group. A person going by the name Gabriella Darling on Instagram has come forward claiming to be Brian’s girlfriend previous to the Gabby we all know.

After his death was confirmed, this supposed ex wrote a post clearly about the late 23-year-old though not using his name. However, she had claimed explicitly in previous posts to be his ex. She wrote:

“Hardest thing I’ve ever been through. Feels like a part of my heart has been ripped out, and no matter what, no one will be able to fill it. The only thing to do now, is hold those memories very close to what is left of my heart, and make something positive out of this, somehow. I get to keep every single thing we lived, every place we went to, every song we listen to, every conversation we had, the tears, and the laughs.”

Referring obliquely to the case, the social media user went on:

“Some people know you as a monster, i do not know that person. I know the person that I had ups and downs with, the person that I shared occasional arguments over some things, and the person I eventually left for other reasons. But all in all was not a monster.”

Innerestingly, in her weeks-long, apparent charade of being Brian’s ex, she had been posting about how he was “narcissistic” and “controlling.” It was only after he was found dead that she became so sympathetic to her alleged former BF. She continued:

“I’m absolutely heartbroken and even though you would probably say something back then like ‘Babe calm down and think for a second, crying won’t solve anything…’ I’m here to tell you, I’m going to cry. Every single day.”

She even called him her “flame” and wrote as if he had said goodbye to her specifically:

“I know you are up there looking down on me probably mad as hell because I’m completely broken inside, I’m sure you want me to start writing again, and laugh and enjoy my life. As part of the promise I made to you, I will give it my all and best like I always and like I always will.”

The thing is, this girl was NOT, as near as anyone can tell, Brian’s girlfriend. According to a family friend speaking to The Sun, his family members have no clue who this person even is!

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April Valenzuela spoke to the outlet about the “fake” girlfriend, saying she reached out and even spoke to the woman for two hours after her post, giving her the benefit of the doubt. But then she learned through Brian’s sister Cassie Laundrie that the family had never heard of her. Cassie was “furious,” per a mutual friend, leading to April confronting the woman — who suddenly felt the need for privacy:

“She messaged me and told me that her family’s attorney told her not to talk to anyone.”

Mm-hmm. Sounds like a classic catfishing excuse to us. Brian’s family saw the whole thing as a ghoulish travesty:

“It was messed up, and it made Cassie so mad.”

Yeah, we bet. It’s an awful thing to do if true. It seems whoever the person is behind the account was starting to feel the heat from it, as the page appears to have been deleted.

Like we said, this case is complicated enough without people making things up.

[Image via Gabriella.Darling/Gabby Petito/Instagram.]

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