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Brie Larson Talks Overcoming Critics & Surviving Her 'Awkward' Teenage Years!

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We’re so glad Brie Larson was able to stay true to herself!
For those who don’t know, the celebrated actress has been in the entertainment biz for a LONG time despite her recent surge in fame. Let’s just say girl knows what she’s talking about!
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Due to Larson’s long career, she has experienced a lot of criticism from casting directors and other Hollywood insiders. From being too “brown-eyed” to too “eccentric,” the beauty has had her fair share of backlash.
Speaking on her life as an aspiring actress, she recalled:

“You get notes about being too nice or being too dark. Being too tall, too brown-eyed. Being too girl next door, or being too eccentric.”

Woah, we imagine that must be damaging to young psyche!
The talented lady added:

“That was 20 years of trial and error, and trying to grow up and go through puberty as well was really a complicated and awkward situation. You have a bunch of people every day telling you what you are and what you’re not. And a lot of times it doesn’t match with how you see yourself at all.”

Despite the hard times, B.L. was able to remain strong and centered throughout her beginning years:

“You have to take a lot of time to pull those things apart and figure out, ‘What is helping me? What is something I can take and say, I can trust that. What is something that is not useful advice and I’m going to let go?’ Now I look back on it fondly because it made me every single time solidify who I was. And every time I solidified who I was, it made me more comfortable becoming other characters.”

It also sounds like good prep for Larson’s complex character in Room!
What do YOU think of Brie’s interview?
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Feb 16, 2016 17:47pm PDT

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