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Brie Larson Reveals Some HUGE Movie & TV Roles She Lost To Other Stars!

Brie Larson reveals the roles she didn't get

Think your favorite movie stars are overnight successes? Brie Larson is here to give you a reality check!

The Oscar winner has been filming YouTube videos to kill time during the coronavirus quarantine, and in her most recent video she decided to shed some light on some of her professional failures — specifically, the roles she auditioned for but didn’t get!

During the 14-minute long vlog, the Captain Marvel star revealed that, like many other actors, she has faced countless rejections in her career. In all her years of auditioning, Brie said she “got told ‘no’ 98 – 99% of the time.” Of course, like Lady GaGa says, all it takes is that one person in the room to say “yes,” and Brie went on to star in some phenomenal movies. But, as she explained, this video was dedicated to the roles she didn’t land — and there were some big ones!

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See which roles Brie auditioned for but didn’t get (below)…

The Big Bang Theory

Kaley Cuoco in The Big Bang Theory
(c) Warner Bros.

Brie went so far as testing for the role of Penny in the hit CBS sit-com, which is SO CLOSE! But she was told she was too young for the part; she’s 4 years younger than Kaley Cuoco, who was 22 when she landed the role.

Terminator Genisys

The role ultimately went to Emilia Clarke. Brie didn’t get it because the casting director said they didn’t think she could carry a gun — even though she wasn’t asked to hold a gun during the audition. As it was the Game Of Thrones star wasn’t too convincing with a gun either tbh…

Frozen Ground

When Brie found out she was auditioning to play a prostitute who lived in Alaska, she went to a dark place for her audition scene, which involved her character being interrogated. But apparently, gurl went too dark: she scared the casting director and the role went to Vanessa Hudgens instead.

Gossip Girl

Blake Lively as Serena in Gossip Girl
(c) Warner Bros.

Brie didn’t specify which role she auditioned for, but she said she was glad she didn’t get the part. (Controversial!)

The Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence in the Hunger Games
(c) Lionsgate

Brie lost out to Jennifer Lawrence for the role of Katniss, a starmaking performance if ever we saw one. The rest is history.


The role went to Britt Robertson. Frankly Brie may have been better off as the expensive flick was a rare Disney FLOP.

Smart House & Brink

Brie lost out both Disney Channel Original Movie roles to Katie Volding, and says thinking about it still stings her to this day.

Star Wars

Brie said she auditioned for all three of the new Star Wars movies, but wasn’t cast in any of the roles.

Spy Kids

Brie admitted that she had no business auditioning to play the role of Carmen Cortez, which ultimately went to Alexa PenaVega. So thank goodness that never happened! LOLz!

Watch the full video (below) to hear about more roles the actress lost out on!

[Image via YouTube/Warner Bros./Lionsgate]

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