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Country Singer Carly Pearce Responds To WILD Conspiracy Theory That She Worships The Devil!

Carly Pearce wants to make something clear to everyone: No, she does not worship the devil!

This week, people accused the country music artist of supporting Satan. The unhinged conspiracy theory started when she posted pictures on social media Monday of herself from the 2024 CMA Festival. One of the photos featured herself rocking a silver-embellished mini dress and matching knee-high boots in the parking lot. However, no one paid attention to what Carly was wearing! Instead, fans were more focused on the fact that she was standing on top of a parking spot marked with what appeared to be “666.” Check out the image (below):

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While the first two digits clearly say “66,” the third number is hard to see. Some fans in the comments say it’s an “8.” If you ask us, it does look a lot like an 8! But others, on the other hand? They insist, given its partially round shape, that the last digit is a “6.” And thus, those conspiracy theorists are now convinced Carly worships the devil! No, we’re not kidding here! They literally think her standing on a parking spot with a “666” possibly on it means she’s a devil worshiper! So wild! See some of the comments from the post (below):

“The obvious 666..? Disappointing”

“666, we know who you worship.”

“Sold your soul to a satanic system. Sad.”

Jeez. When Carly caught wind of the Satanist accusations, she took to X (Twitter) to shut it down! The 34-year-old singer wrote:

“I’ve seen too many comments about this being some sort of ‘hint’ towards 666 or satan to not comment. First of all, this was the parking spot for my tour bus at CMA fest & I believe it is 668. I am a devout Christian who takes PRIDE in using my platform to point people towards JESUS. So, for anyone wondering… there are absolutely ZERO underlying messages except a girl excited to be playing the big stage”

Don’t mess with Carly when it comes to her faith, y’all! See her response (below):

What are your reactions to the crazy conspiracy theory, Perezcous readers? Sound OFF in the comments below!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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Jun 15, 2024 12:47pm PDT