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More Royal Satanic Panic! This Time Over King Charles -- LOOK! 

More Royal Satanic Panic! This Time Over King Charles -- LOOK!

King Charles III has unveiled his first official portrait since his coronation, but, uhhh, it might’ve been a royal flop!

On Tuesday, Charles and Queen Camilla were at Buckingham Palace when the 75-year-old pulled down a massive curtain to reveal his new painting. It has been three years in the making by artist Jonathan Yeo and included four sit-downs with the patriarch. But the finished piece was FAR from what was expected — at least for the public!

In the painting, Charles stands in his Welsh Guards uniform with a butterfly above one of his shoulders. But the whole thing is covered in a pink and red backdrop that makes it look SUPER eerie!

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Ch-ch-check it out (below):


As you can imagine, the internet quickly lit up with hot takes about the dramatic portrait. Some wrote on X (Twitter):

“Who approved King Charles III’s new portrait cuz it looks like he’s in hell?!”

“Looks like someone smeared tomato sauce all over a fancy painting.”

“I appreciate the attempt at something unconventional, but this new King Charles portrait looks like the poster for a truly nightmarish horror movie.”

“It is the ugliest thing i have seen”

“I don’t like it. Not enough red.”

“The painter was probably paid more for that than I make in a year.”

“It’s an insult to hang this amongst all the other paintings in the palace.”

“Its a disturbing portrait.”

“I unironically love the new King Charles portrait because of how evil it looks. Archdemon of hell ass portrait”

LMFAO! Several others noted the red backdrop looked like “blood,” making the whole thing appear satanic! You know, just like Meghan Markle wearing Princess Diana‘s cross necklace in Nigeria last week. A lot of people online believed the jewelry was really an upside-down cross known as the Petrine Cross, which has become an anti-Christian symbol in recent years.

That particular controversy seemed pointless since a closer look at the necklace seemed to prove it was truly just a normal diamond cross. But that didn’t stop conspiracy theorists from freaking out — and now they have even more ammunition with this new painting, which will be put on display in London’s Philip Mould Gallery for a month before moving to Drapers’ Hall. We can’t imagine all these hot takes were what Charles was trying to evoke from the painting! Oof!

Thoughts?? Do YOU like this new portrait? It’s definitely different, that’s for sure!! Let us know your takes (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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