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Channing Tatum Gave Sandra Bullock An 'Angry Lap Dance' To Pony

Channing Tatum Gave Sandra Bullock Angry Lap Dance Pony

What’s it like working with Channing Tatum on a movie? Well, it depends who you ask…

In their ongoing hilarious promo tour for The Lost City, he and Sandra Bullock did WIRED‘s “Autocomplete Interview” in which they answered the most googled questions about themselves. One of the biggest ones for Channing? What was the song he danced to in Magic Mike XXL?

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Sandy B knew the answer to that one right off the top of her head — and even apparently teased her co-star about it on set! She answered:

Pony! I tried to play that once and he got angry at me.”

Channing clearly remembers it quite a bit differently, saying:

“I did not get angry.”

But Sandra — apparently outing herself as a Magic Mike fan — remembered it clearly:

“You got so pissed.”

Channing went so far as to claim he actually responded to hearing the Ginuwine hit by giving his female lead her own private performance of the iconic film scene!

“I think I might have given you a dance.”

Sounds amazing — but Sandy B says it never happened, joking:

“If that was the dance, your film would’ve failed.”

The Dog star clarified:

“It’s an angry, angry lap dance.”

An angry lap dance? What would that even look like? (Would still watch tho LOLz!)

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Oh, and of course we couldn’t let you go without posting that scene here for ya!

[Image via WIRED/Warner Bros/YouTube.]

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