Chelsea Handler In Her Bra & Panties May Be Shocking, But Here Are Some Other Celebs With Surprisingly Bangin’ Bodies!

chelsea handler bikini bod impressive wow heres others

Seriously, we’re still not over Chelsea Handler‘s super HAWT beach bod.

It’s incredible! Just look at those pictures she posted to her Instagram (above)!

As one would expect, those pictures totally inspired some action within us…

No, not THAT kind of action! It just got us thinking that the Chelsea Lately host is NOT the only HAWT body in Hollywood.

Well, pretty much EVERYONE has bangin’ bods these days, but some people’s are more surprising than others.

Like you would NEVER guess that Geraldo Rivera is actually incredibly in shape for his age!

Wanna see some other stars with surprisingly brilliant beach bods?

Then ch-ch-check out these hotties…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Kathy Griffin looks AH-MAZING in a bikini! Seriously! Those are abs to strive for!

banging beach bodies kathy griffin

Remember Jess from Gilmore Girls? Well he’s certainly grown up! Look at how buff Milo Ventimiglia is now!

banging beach bodies milo ventimiglia

Like we said before Geraldo is pretty ripped for being 71-years-old!

banging beach bodies geraldo rivera

What about Kelly Ripa! She’s got an amazing bod! Look at those fab abs!

banging beach bodies kelly ripa

Hunky John Stamos should always be shirtless. ALWAYS.

banging beach bodies john stamos

Everyone knows him for his funny attitude, but Kevin Hart shirtless is pretty drool-worthy.

banging beach bodies kevin hart

Gurlfriend worked HARD for her body, so we gotta give it up to Jordin Sparks! She looks damn good!

banging beach bodies jordin sparks

[Image via Chelsea Handler/That’s My Boy FB/Kevin Hart/Kris Jenner/Kathy Griffin/Geraldo Rivera/Kelly Ripa/WENN.]

Aug 14, 2014 6:23pm PST

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