Whitney Houston’s Mother Reportedly Suffering From Dementia Amid Family’s Devastating Molestation Scandal

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The Houston family always seems to be mired in misfortune, from the tragic to the quotidian.

Amid claims made in a new documentary that young Whitney Houston was molested by cousin Dee Dee Warwick, we’ve now heard another bit of sad news.

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An inside source told Radar Online that Cissy Houston is facing some serious health problems:

“She’s in the early stages of dementia. She repeats herself a lot and doesn’t remember what she says. She just says she’s getting old.”

Hmm. That doesn’t exactly sound like an expert medical opinion…

As for the timing of the 84-year-old’s supposed illness and these new molestation claims, the source says it’s unfortunate but maintains:

“The family is already fractured enough, but she has had enough clarity to know what’s going on with these claims and is very upset.”

Well, we know that from her statement on the matter.

We don’t know exactly what is going on with Cissy, but we wish her nothing but good health and many years to come — hopefully with less bad news.

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Jul 19, 2018 4:08pm PDT

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