Sleeping Pills May Have Played A Role In David Gest’s Untimely Death

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Sleeping pills can be EXTREMELY dangerous.

According to a source close to the recently departed David Gest, they believe too many sleeping pills were a factor in his passing. The insider even went as far to allege that Gest was “strung out” just days prior to his April 12 death.

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While the 62-year-old had recently indulged in sleeping aids due to a bad bout of pneumonia, friends claim the medication hurt the reality star more than it helped him:

“He seemed strung out and went off the radar at times. He was taking some really strong medication because he was suffering from nasty chest problems that just wouldn’t go away.”

Ugh. What an awful and complicated predicament!

To make matters worse, Liza Minnelli‘s ex also suffered from insomnia and high blood pressure issue leading up to his passing:

“He also suffered from high blood pressure, which he had special tablets for, and had been on sleeping pills for years because he suffered from insomnia ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ he always slept at weird times. He saw a doctor within the last week because of his chest, and felt so unwell he had to postpone lots of plans, but he seemed to think he was on the mend.”

So sad. At least this provides some context as to why D.G. left Celebrity Big Brother so abruptly.

It’s just too bad David wasn’t able to overcome his health issues — he’s just one of the many celebs that left us too soon.

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Apr 12, 2016 5:45pm PDT