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Millie Bobby Brown Scolds David Harbour After He Teases Stranger Things Spoilers!

David Harbour Millie Bobby Brown instagram live stranger things spoilers

David Harbour has faced many formidable entities — but even he was worried about offending Netflix after spilling some piping hot Stranger Things tea!

On Wednesday, the actor, who plays Detective Jim Hopper on the beloved series, took a break from filming the show’s upcoming fourth season to go on his Instagram Live and tease some hints about what’s in store. But halfway through, he was caught by none other than co-star Millie Bobby Brown, who hilariously scolded him for giving fans a peek at something Netflix bosses definitely didn’t want them to see yet!

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During the Live, David seemed unfazed that he was in his character’s costume and bloody makeup while telling fans:

“What’s up, everybody? How’s it going? I haven’t done Instagram Live in a little while. I think I can only be here for like three and a half minutes because I think I have to go to set fairly soon.”

He went on to tease:

“I’m here, shooting season four of our television show. I don’t think I’m supposed to be showing you these things. Who wants to hear spoilers for season four? Let me just read directly from the script.”

Ha, please do!

Of course, the 45-year-old star didn’t actually give fans any script details, but his bloodied face made it clear that Hop had a rough encounter in whatever scene he’s filming. David teased that much to fans, sharing:

“It’s a very tough day today. Very tough day. I’m exhausted.”

But the energy of the Live quickly changed when David noticed that MBB was watching. He broke out in laughter and said to his co-star:

“Oh s**t! Millie! Oh, no. Millie, don’t tell Netflix, don’t tell Netflix that I’m doing Instagram Live from set. I’m just gonna read your sections of the script, Millie. I’m just gonna tell everybody what happens to Eleven this season.”

Millie then joined the Live, asking David what he’s doing. He replied:

“I’m so crazy. I shouldn’t be doing this.”

LOLz, you’re in trouble now, Hop! When she realized that her co-star was in costume and needed on set, the 17-year-old star said:

“Get off of Live and go back to work!”

The New York native then quipped:

“I’m getting fired.”

Millie pointed out that although he won’t actually get fired, David is probably going to get a phone call from someone at the streaming platform. So he may not have actually spoiled anything big for season four — but this Live does confirm that Hopper is alive and well after that season three cliffhanger!

Of course, there’s no telling how much longer his character will be kicking it after this IG incident! Ch-ch-check out the hilarious moment (below).

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN]

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