Late Night Hosts HIGHlariously Break Down The Contents Of The First Trump Tape!

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The first of at least a dozen secret audio recordings Michael Cohen made of Donald Trump has been released to the public.

The tape, made just two months before the election, reveals Trump was NOT as he previously lied, in the dark about payoffs to his mistresses.

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While Trump and loquacious lackey Rudy Giuliani are selling their version of what the tape “proves” it’s pretty obvious to everyone else it looks bad for the POTUS.

But don’t take our word for it. Get the lowdown on our lowdown, dirty President’s latest scandal evidence from the funny people of late night.

Up first, Seth Meyers gave viewers a closer look at the tape and its response (below):

Stephen Colbert broke it down line by line:

Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t help but point out how much the convo sounded like a mob boss talking to a made man:

Finally, Trevor Noah reminded us how even if this isn’t a legal smoking gun, it’s still firm evidence Trump knew ALL ABOUT paying off his mistress(es) and is fine lying to the American people.

[Image via ABC/CBS/Comedy Central.]

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Jul 26, 2018 3:08pm PDT