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Duck Dynasty Star Willie Robertson's Home Sprayed With Bullets In Terrifying Drive-By Shooting

Duck Dynasty Star Willie Robertson's home suffers a horrifying drive-by shooting!

This is beyond terrifying!!!

Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson‘s family was the target of a horrific drive-by shooting on Friday afternoon! Somebody drove by their home in West Monroe, Louisiana, and sprayed it with bullets — in broad daylight — according to TMZ. In total, Willie believes “eight to ten” bullets struck the home, though thankfully nobody was injured.

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The lack of injuries is a very fortunate thing, because the reality TV star’s entire clan was home at the time, as they’re staying in right now to quarantine themselves away from the coronavirus. Willie was out at the store at the time of the shooting, but his wife Korie, their adult daughter Sadie, Sadie’s husband, adult son John Luke, and John Luke’s wife and infant child were all home at the time.

Witnesses reported a truck drove up to the family’s gated property after first circling the block at least once, and somebody from the driver’s side opened fire. Distraught, Robertson didn’t know why anybody would do that but told local media he was “100% certain” the shooter was targeting them for some unknown reason.

Suspect Arrested!

By Monday, a suspect in the shooting had thankfully been arrested; per TMZ, the Ouachita Parish Sheriff picked up Daniel Dean King in connection with the alleged drive-by shooting and booked him on one count of felony assault and one misdemeanor criminal neglect of family.

As of this morning, his bond was set at $150,000; the motive for the shooting remains unclear. Still, if King really is the alleged perpetrator, at least it’s a good sign that a dangerous (and armed) person is apparently off the streets.

Korie Reacts…

As we noted above, thankfully nobody from the former reality TV fam was struck or injured by bullets in the unsettling attack. Korie accounted for everybody with a thankful Instagram post about the ordeal, writing in part (below):

“Thank you so much for all of your prayers for our family ? We are all safe and sound and feeling profoundly grateful for God’s protection over us! Yes, the news reports are true, we had a drive-by shooting at our home on Friday, it was scary and dangerously close, but thanks to God no one was hurt ?? AND today we got to participate in a drive-by birthday celebration! Crazy how life works! We honked our horns and made signs. We are alive and well, and not taking this day for granted … God is good! Praising him today and every day!”

Along with the full message, she also shared an accompanying picture of the entire family, safe and sound, as you can see here:


We’re just happy everybody is safe and sound after such a senseless, potentially tragic act of violence. Who just opens fire on a home like that?! With no disregard for anybody’s safety, including small children inside??? WTF?? So many questions…

Just glad Willie’s family is safe and sound!!!

[Image via Korie Robertson/Instagram]

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