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Basketball Game Goes Viral After Delivery Guy Walks ONTO THE COURT With Food! WATCH!

Basketball Game Interrupted By Food Delivery Guy Who Walked ONTO THE COURT (!!) But...

Now we know why we pay such a high delivery fee every time we order food from the apps…

Duquesne University hosted a men’s college basketball game in Pittsburgh on Wednesday night against Loyola Chicago. The two schools played an uneventful first half, went into the locker rooms for halftime, then came out to restart. But a couple minutes into the second half, the s**t hit the fan!!!

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During live action, while Loyola was running their offense, a man in a yellow jacket stumbled onto the court. Fan interactions are always weird. And sometimes, they are dangerous for the players. After all, these athletes are competing and it can be unnerving to see a rando just rush out. But this one went above and beyond!!

The man who walked across the court appeared to be there to, uhhh, hand out a food app delivery order??

As you can see in the screenshot and game video (below), the dude shuffled across the corner of the court right as a Loyola player was passing the ball to a teammate. The refs are frozen, too, as they look on in shock and disbelief:


The announcers on scene were aghast at the flub themselves. One was able to confirm it was a McDonald’s bag in the man’s hand. The other asked openly after it happened:

“Was he going to deliver the McDonald’s to somebody on the court? Can we rule that out?”

Seriously! Did somebody sitting court side order Uber Eats? Or… is this another TikTok challenge? Move over, toilet-licking clout chasers. You might have new (and, to be fair, far less disgusting) trend competition!

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Sadly, as hilarious as this would be if it were merely a legitimately botched Uber Eats delivery, it appears this could have been a pre-planned prank. Loyola’s assistant athletic director Austin Hansen was down in that area of the court during the game, and he tweeted his take on the head-scratching situation.

As you can see (below), he grabbed video of a new angle showing the young dude stepping onto the court:

Hansen then denied being the one who ordered it the food. Just for the record. LOLz!

But the assistant AD did say he could see the kid wearing a microphone. And if you check out the photo (below), the food runner does appear to have something that resembles a mic attached to his jacket:


Interestingly, Hansen also reported the kid wasn’t ejected from the game. Security guards were slow on the draw, but they did eventually pull him off the court. They just didn’t boot him from the arena?? Isn’t that standard practice for somebody who walks onto the court during a game?!

The eyewitness concluded that any “stray delivery person” in the future will be met with force:

Ummm, OK dude, relax. It’s just basketball! We agree that players shouldn’t be subjected to this stuff. But don’t tackle anybody over it!!!

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Anyways, the media doesn’t know what to make of Wednesday night’s viral moment, either. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter Abby Schnable was there covering the game and reported a man in the stands did finally get the order:

Prank or not, at least they carried all the way through to delivery! Hope he tipped that kid well… LOLz!

Across Twitter, fans had lots of thoughts about the ill-fated food order:

“Above all, deep respect for highly motivated and committed employees even if you’re, technically, an independent contractor.”

“I want to know where the guy thought he was. Seemed oblivious to the teams playing ball. Did he think the guy in the striped was a TGI Fridays waiter?”

“Bro trying to get paid and keep that five star rating.”

“this is what the youngsters call clout chasing I believe”

“it’s almost depressing to think about how stupid humans are.”

“How high is he? He looks lost. How long has he been working?”

“So THATS what happened to my order!”

Many more shared their skepticism about it possibly being a prank, too. Nothing is real anymore….

The game was crazy, BTW. Duquesne went down by a lot early and delivered a huge home-court comeback in the second half to win by a lot. Maybe they just needed a McDonald’s delivery to pick ’em up!! Reactions, Perezcious readers?? Do you think this was just a TikTok or YouTube prank?! Or do you think some poor food delivery dude seriously f**ked up?

Share your take down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Uber Eats/SportsCenter/ESPN+/Twitter]

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