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Luke Bryan’s Wife Is Terrorizing Friends & Family For 'Prankmas' -- She Even Stole The Singer's Car!

Luke Bryan’s Wife Stole His Truck During Week Of ‘Prankmas’ -- WATCH!

Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline Bryan is going all out for the holidays, to say the least!

There are many holiday traditions we can get on board for during this festive time of year, whether it be Christmas caroling, building gingerbread houses, or even just playing in the snow… The point of it all is to come together. But in the Bryan household, momma Bryan has made her own tradition — PRANKMAS!

Beginning last Friday, the 42–year-old zeroed in on Luke’s mother, LeClaire Bryan, as her first victim. In an Instagram video posted the same day, Caroline encouraged LeClaire to read off four words from a piece of paper: “Mike Who Cheese Hairy.” If you haven’t already got it, say it fast and you’ll catch on, LOLz!

The joke went a bit over LeClaire’s head, but there were still lots of laughs! See (below):

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One day later, the prankster took aim at her Best Bad Influence employees, by tricking them into believing she accidentally severed her toe! We’ll just give you a warning now: there’s LOTS of fake blood! See (below):

The next day, Sunday, the mischievous momma made a scream reel, edited to the song It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year — basically a bunch of clips cut together of her scaring friends and family to the point they scream! Literally NO ONE is safe! Not even HER! See (below):

Then, on day four of Prankmas, Caroline really pulled out all the stops… With the help of retired MLB star Adam LaRoche, the two stole Luke’s pickup truck from his garage, and put it up for auction (all the proceeds will benefit the E3 Ranch Foundation)! The out of the loop country singer worriedly asked security, “Was it stolen from this home?” Eventually, LaRoche called him and revealed the joke. While laughing it off, the American Idol judge told his wife “This is not a joke.” See (below):

For day five, Caroline took things back to basics, and put together another clip reel of her scaring friends and family with an air horn. See (below):

If you were disappointed by that one, she definitely made up for it one day six, when she, Luke, and friend Danae Hays tricked poor LeClaire into believing her son was about to be the subject of an unsavory photo release… In a prank phone call, Danae told LeClaire:

“I got some photos of Luke and they ain’t gonna shine him in a good light, you know what I’m saying? I know a buddy down there in Nashville and I’m getting ready to unload these photos. Now you gon’ talk to me or s**t’s about to hit the fan.”

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The concerned mother quickly hung up and called her famous son, who went on to reveal it as a joke — which she was NOT too impressed by! See the hilarious video (below):

The mother of two rounded out a week of pranks with “extras & outtakes” Thursday morning:

So much fun! Would YOU ever adopt Prankmas into your holiday season, Perezcious readers? Let us know your favorite prank of Caroline’s in the comments down below!

[Images via Caroline Bryan/Instagram & Judy Eddy/WENN]

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