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Dustin Diamond Hospitalized -- Saved By The Bell's Screech Fears Cancer Diagnosis

Dustin Diamond Saved By The Bell Screech Hospital Cancer

Sad news out of Bayside High…

We haven’t heard from Dustin Diamond in a long time, and sadly the first update we’ve gotten in years is potentially devastating: the Saved by the Bell star has been hospitalized.

According to TMZ, Dustin’s team says the ’90s icon was “feeling pain all over his body” and “a general sense of unease” just days after his 44th birthday on January 7. The symptoms were scary enough to get Dustin to check into a Florida hospital where doctors are currently running tests.

No results yet, but the outlet’s sources tell them the medical team fears cancer and is performing a biopsy to confirm. Dustin has a family history of the disease; his mother died from breast cancer.

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We are obviously wishing all the best for the once and future Screech — if not a more fortunate prognosis than a speedy recovery.

Saved by the Bell has been back in the news quite a bit this past year after the debut of a surprisingly controversial revival series on NBC Universal‘s new Peacock streaming service. The gang is almost all back, from Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley as series regulars to Mark-Paul Gosselaar‘s recurring appearances as eternal schemer Zack Morris.

The brightest news from the show was the delightful surprise return of Lark Voorhies as Lisa Turtle. The actress had some all too public struggles with mental health issues for the past few years; to see her back and looking amazing has been a real nostalgic treat in an otherwise dreary year.

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Dustin’s return, on the other hand, was a harder sell for the rest of the cast. His disputes with his former co-stars has been well-documented over the years. Berkley revealed last year she had not spoken to him since the last time filming the show — nearly 30 years ago in 1992.

Not helping matters was his now infamous memoir, Behind The Bell, published in 2009, which painted the cast as a rather depraved and filthy bunch all doing drugs and having s*x backstage. Much of that drama was used for Lifetime‘s The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story, which the rest of the cast were NOT happy with.

His personal life has been more in line with the gritty scandal he wrote about in his book. He released a s*x tape in 2006 called Screeched – Saved By The Smell. He’s been arrested multiple times, notably for allegedly pulling a knife during a bar fight.

Get well soon, Screech.

[Image via Dustin Diamond/Instagram/Peacock/YouTube.]

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