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Girl & Her Dad MAKE OUT For $1,000 On Radio Show! WTF!

girl and dad make out on radio show for money

We know some families are close, but this was a bit too much.

A father-daughter duo shocked and repulsed the Kyle and Jackie O Show crew — along with many on social media — after enjoying a passionate make-out sesh just to win $1,000 from the radio station.

The surprising snog came as the pair were playing a game called “Boyfriend or Daddy,” in which a female contestant and her male companion are tasked with tricking hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie “O” Henderson about the nature of their relationship. If the “couple” is able to fool the radio hosts, they take home a $1,000 cash prize — and boy did these two work for the money!

While it’s usually easy for the DJs to guess whether the contestants are related or lovers — Jackie said during the segments that she and Kyle make their guesses based on “body language” and how “uncomfortable” the guests are with select questions — Friday’s contestants went to unnatural lengths to misdirect the hosts.

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Since they first stepped into the studio, the pair were in character as boyfriend-girlfriend. The show’s newsreader, Brooklyn Ross, noted they had been holding hands in the green room before sitting down with the hosts. The man introduced himself as a 49-year-old named Nick and the woman said she was a 26-year-old named Stacy. The hosts didn’t pull any punches with their questioning: right away, they asked the “couple” what their fave sexual position was.

But the guests were beyond ready. Nick said:

“I like underneath, absolutely.”

His daughter, meanwhile, nodded in agreement. (Ew!)

Kyle then asked Nick if he enjoyed oral sex with his “girlfriend,” which caused Stacy to say she “taught him a lot” about the subject. Kyle then replied:

“Okay, this is going to be really weird if it ends up being the father.”

Unfortunately, it got weirder. By the end of the segment, Kyle and Jackie couldn’t tell if the pair were dating or related — so Jackie decided to throw down the gauntlet, telling the guests:

“There’s only one way to decide this. Would you guys be willing to give each other just a little kiss on the lips? Because if it’s your dad, I wouldn’t want to be encouraging a pash or anything…”

The pair were more than happy to oblige, and locked lips for an uncomfortable moment.

After witnessing the make-out sesh, the hosts agreed that Nick couldn’t be Stacy’s father. But they were disturbed to find that they were wrong. Stacy dropped the bombshell:

“The things we do for money. This is actually my father! … My boyfriend’s going to be mortified.”

He’s not the only one!

Ch-ch-check out the icky segment (below) if you dare.

[Image via Kyle and Jakie O/Instagram]

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Sep 04, 2020 14:08pm PDT