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Fergie Is Probs Gonna Have A Baby In 2012

Fergie Is Probs Gonna Have A Baby This Year
Okay, she didn’t come right out and say it!
HOWEVER, all signs point to baby!
As most of you know, Fergie and the rest of Black Eyed Peas, are breaking up taking a long “break.” Earlier this year fellow BEP, Taboo, said the reason behind the spilt break is so Fergie-Ferg’s can start a family with husband, Josh Duhamel.
Fergie later denied and plans to reproduce, but who does she think she’s fooling? No celeb out right says they’re actively trying to get knocked up!
When she was asked about her baby plans New Year’s Eve the singer shied away, answering coyly:

“Maybe, who knows? We’ll see.”

So, clearly she’s pregnant! LOL!
Really though, most celebs will out right lie about baby plans. For pop stars “Maybe” means defiantly!
Of course, we wont know for sure until a weekly publication gives her half a million dollars for the exclusive story.
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