Frances Bean Cobain To Sing!


Frances Bean Cobain is following in the footsteps of her rock stars parents, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, by debuting her vocal skills – in possibly one of the most bizarre concepts we’ve ever heard.

Cobain will be lending her voice as part of a group of other singers on the new high concept musical project by former Dresden Dolls singer Amanda Palmer and bandmate Jason Webley, called Evelyn Evelyn.

We use the word high concept delicately because it basically just sounds STOOPID and gimmicky.

Palmer is apparently parading Evelyn Evelyn around as though the band actually singing conjoined twins who grew up in the circus and are accompanied on tour by the singer and her bandmate.

We liked her better when she was just singing about Coin Operated Boys or whatever the hell that song was.

Bean will be singing on a track called “My Space,” with other contributers Weird Al Yankovic, Tegan & Sara, and My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way.

We’re curious to see about her singing chops, but we think if she was smart enough to get emancipated from her mother, she could pick a better project to test out the musical waters with!

What do U think? Will U be listening to Evelyn Evelyn?

[Image via WENN.]

Feb 4, 2010 8:44pm PDT