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Gisele Bündchen Ready To 'Move On' After A DECADE Of Tom Brady Marriage Problems!

Gisele Bündchen Ready To 'Move On' After A DECADE Of Tom Brady Marriage Problems

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady may never have had the fairy tale romance we all thought.

As we’ve been following, the high-profile couple has been embroiled in serious marital issues over the last few weeks, causing them to live separately and even hire divorce lawyers, according to reports earlier this week. On Tuesday, the model was spotted without her wedding ring, as well, a sure-fire sign things are headed in a bad direction. It’s safe to say this relationship drama has been shocking to almost everyone — except maybe the couple themselves!

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On Friday, People caught up with several insiders close to the pair and they had some very inneresting things to say about this estrangement! According to one confidant, Gisele and Tom have had marriage problems for YEARS! They claimed:

“[The problems] are 10 years old. This has been going on forever. This is nothing new to either of them.”

“10 years old”?! So you’re telling us they’ve been having issues practically their entire marriage?? The couple tied the knot in 2009, so… that’s only three good years before s**t secretly hit the fan. Wow.

It also makes us wonder what their marital issues are about, too, if they’ve been going on for so long. For the most part, reports have claimed Gisele became upset with Tom after he decided to unretire from the NFL. Multiple sources told People the decision has led to “a lot of tension” between the couple. For her part, the supermodel has been outspoken about her fear of the “violent sport” for a long time now, including amid this latest rift. As news of their potential divorce was making headlines, she sat for an interview with Elle in which she expressed her concerns about her husband playing football for fear of an injury, especially one of the brain. So, we can understand if she didn’t want him to return to the field!

Dider Malige, the hairstylist who worked with the model during the photo shoot, told People on Friday that she had “good energy” during the shoot:

“Gisele is an electric battery. So much good energy. We all had a special day.”

While she likely had a LOT going on in her mind, especially while talking about Tom, nobody could tell, the stylist added:

“I am sure a lot was going on in her head. I wish her the best, she is a family person… a mother hen.”

She’s such a professional, TBH! We can’t imagine having to answer questions about our partner in the middle of an explosive fight! With all that in mind, other sources have claimed they just “grew apart” and that the split had nothing to do with football. We’re beginning to think it may be a bit of both if they’ve been arguing for a decade!

Sadly, while they were seemingly able to get over their differences in the past, even when divorce was brought up, neither Gisele nor Tom have it in them to continue fighting for their marriage. The source revealed:

“Gisele is doing fine. She is getting her stuff in order. They are both over [fighting for their marriage] and it’s happening now so they can do their own thing and move on.”

Another insider said more bluntly of the Brazilian beauty’s thought process:

“She is done with their marriage. She was upset about it for a long time and it’s still difficult, but she feels like she needs to move on. She doesn’t believe that her marriage can be repaired.”

Oof! Bummer!

As things near an official end, the 42-year-old is “doing okay,” the confidant continued:

“She is just trying to figure out her life. She doesn’t have much contact with Tom.”

Whoa… No contact is serious!

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Of course, Gisele can never truly disconnect from the athlete, even if they end their marriage. They share kids Benjamin, 12, Vivian, 9, and Brady’s son Jack, 15, with ex Bridget Moynahan. At this time, the momma “feels bad for the kids, but she doesn’t expect any custody issues.” Seriously the only silver lining in all of this! If they can stay amicable when it comes to the kids, things will eventually be okay for them all. It’ll still be a tough transition, but way better than having bickering parents!

As of now, though, neither of them has pulled the trigger and filed. It’s probably just a matter of time as they figure out the logistics of the split, such as how they’re going to divvy up their properties, including a $17 million mansion on Indian Creek Island in Miami Beach they recently purchased. Gisele’s been living in Miami throughout the split, and it sounds like she may stay there after this is all over. The insider noted:

“Gisele loves Miami. She has friends there. She can see herself living there permanently. Again, she is still trying to figure things out. She is doing yoga, meditating and taking care of herself. She doesn’t put any pressure on herself to make drastic decisions.”

Obviously, if she’s waited 10 years to split from Tom despite problems! Just saying. LOLz! Surprisingly, one source did suggest some of the hesitations around the couple’s split may be because they’re worried about their social status when they are no longer together! They suggested:

“They are both smart people and number one in their field. They know together they are worth more.”

Huh. Would they really stay together because they’re worth more that way?! What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/British Vogue/YouTube]

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