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Glen Powell's Horrifying Cannibal Dating Story Debunked -- And He Reacts!

Glen Powell Cannibal Dating Story Debunked Response

Glen Powell relayed a true dating horror story on a recent podcast appearance. Well, minus the “true” part maybe…

A couple weeks back as part of the promo tour for his new Netflix movie Hit Man, the rising star appeared on the Therapuss with Jake Shane podcast. In keeping with the murder-meets-romance them of his flick, he told a wild story that definitely, totally, 100% really happened to his sister’s friend.

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He began:

“You want to hear a crazy story. My little sister was friends with a girl who went on a date with a guy. They’re hanging out, he’s super charming… They have a great night, she goes back to his apartment that night, and he’s like, ‘Hey, can I give you a massage?'”

So good so far? Well…

“As they get backto his apartment, she started getting a weird vibe. She’s like, ‘something feels off…'”

But she accepts the massage:

“So he starts massaging her shoulders. She’s kinda just feeling like odd. Like, ‘I gotta get outta here.’ And he gets a little weird, like, ‘No, please don’t leave,’ whatever. She leaves.”

That should be the end, right? But here’s where it gets really scary!

“Her skin starts itching like crazy. The next day she goes to the doctor and he does a test on her skin. And it turns out that it’s like a black market lotion that breaks down skin for human consumption.”


“This man was rubbing lotion on her body to eat her! So the doctor’s like, you gotta gimme this person’s address and you should call the police. They go to this guy’s house and he had several girls’ bodies in the house.”


Over a week after the pod dropped, a clip of Glen telling the story went viral. Makes sense — Glen tells it well, it’s a spooky one, for sure!

Commenters posted their shocked responses:

“oh my f**king god”


why is no one talking about this story”


“Absolutely nothing could’ve ever prepared for me for how this story ends”

But does the story sound familiar at all? It might if you follow creepypastas and urban legends. That one’s been going around for years! And why not? If you like that kind of terrifying stuff, it’s a juicy one! Clearly Glenn really believed the story, which he apparently first heard from his kid sister, whom he said would have to “fact check” him on it after the pod.

However, once the clip started going viral multiple outlets pointed out the story was an oldie, if a goodie. Some version has been told for decades, but according to Snopes there’s never been a case that matches up — which it would since police supposedly busted the guy. So it definitely didn’t happen to Glen’s little sister’s friend! LOLz!

Upon hearing the story was debunked, the Anyone But You alum posted one such article to his X (Twitter) and bemusedly added:

“Props to my little sister’s friend who told her this dating story… I’ve been telling this for years. I’m questioning my whole life now…”

He then quipped:

“False alarm. Back rubs are back.”

Ha! Seems Glen was not one of those kids who spent time on the dark corners of the internet — but his sister’s pal was! LOLz!

[Image via Therapuss/YouTube.]

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