Oops! Gods Of Egypt Just Became 2016’s First Massive Disappointment At The Box Office With An Embarrassing Opening Weekend!

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And it looks like it was a REALLY bad weekend all around at the box office!

Gods Of Egypt starring Gerard Butler opened in theaters this weekend, and, uh, YIKES!

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The flick took in just $4.76 million on its opening night, with an estimated three-day haul of only $14 million coming — which is NOTHING when you consider it cost literally ten times that much to make the movie!!

Who could have guessed that a film using white male actors to try to play Egyptians would have bombed badly at the box office.

Um, duh!!!

Gods Of Egypt wasn’t the only film that had massive trouble at the box office this weekend, though — it seems like a sluggish weekend all around!

While Deadpool beat every new release (Ha! take that, crappy movies!), Triple 9 opened in third place with just $2.14 million in gross sales, and Eddie The Eagle starring Hugh Jackman came up in fourth, totaling just $1.93 million in sales on the weekend.


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Where is everybody, at home waiting for the Oscars or something?!

Oh! You know what — that’s actually probably a better place to be.


[Image via Lionsgate.]

Feb 28, 2016 1:15pm PDT