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HGTV Host Deletes Instagram Post Of 3-Year-Old Daughter Because Of 'Vicious' Comments

HGTV Home Town host Erin Napier calls out bullying on social media!

HGTV host Erin Napier is absolutely sick of the soul-crushing vicious comments that always seem to pop up on social media — and she’s not wrong!

The Home Town star opened up in a new Instagram post late Thursday night after initially deleting one of her 3-year-old daughter, Helen. As she noted in the second post, “cruel” and “vicious” comments posted about Helen within the first few minutes of the post being up caused her to delete it and speak out.

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The 35-year-old real estate and home design TV star offered up an explanation for deleting that initial post of her daughter in the new IG post, and it sounds like pure hell to have to deal with those horrible comments about an innocent 3-year-old girl!

In part, the proud wife and mother wrote (below):

“Your quarterly PSA about how to be a decent person on social media: Here’s a photo of some of our team, and my view for most of my days at work. Because Ben and I have this job, it means we open ourselves up to the public in ways that are sometimes vulnerable and I think there’s value in that. I think there is a fine line between privacy and helping others by being vulnerable about some aspects of your life when you’re in the spotlight. But tonight, because of this job we have, after posting a photo of the back of my daughter’s head (why do we never show her face? for her privacy and because of vicious strangers who lurk and comment or could seek her out) there were cruel comments within moments. About a three year old child’s hair. About COVID (as if from a tiny vignette you can see the whole picture of precaution and how we wear ourselves out keeping our family safe every day, the endless testing, while trying not to sacrifice every last shred of normalcy, when it’s as safe as it can possibly be).”


And she continued from there, finishing in a flourish:

“I immediately took it down to be a good steward of my baby’s image and protector of my heart. Those comments and the people who make them are not welcome here. Full stop. If you feel you may be a person capable of communicating this way, please see yourself away from my account or I’ll be glad to help you do that.”


Here is the full pic (below), along with a behind-the-scenes shot of her and co-host/husband Ben Napier‘s TV crew working in safety:


Enough troll-ish behavior on social media. That is so 2014. Haven’t we had enough in this day and age, especially after such a s**tty overall year in 2020?!

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Let’s all be a little more kind to each other as this year comes to a close! Seriously! It’s not that hard!

What do U make of this, Perezcious readers? Sound like a good plan, or what?? Sound OFF about everything here down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Erin Napier/Instagram]

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