Jana Kramer Shares ‘Incredibly Scary’ Incident With Her 2-Month-Old Son

This is so scary!!

Jana Kramer shared on Instagram the “incredibly scary” moment when she woke up and saw her two-month-old son Jace‘s face “completely covered by his swaddle” on the baby monitor.

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The One Tree Hill alum shared a sweet photo of her baby while opening up about the incident on Monday (below):

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A few days ago something incredibly scary happened. I woke up with mom panic and looked at the monitor and saw Jace’s face completely covered by his swaddle. Now as a mom I KNOW I put the swaddle on right. It was the appropriate size etc. he has bad reflux so he squirms a lot and he managed to get this fleece swaddle over his head. The fact this company promotes safe sleep baffles me. I have done so much research the past few days and we will now be using @woombieusa swaddles. I ended up deleting the monitor picture because it disturbed me that much. The what if’s that played in my head left me sick. All I encourage you moms to do is read the swaddle reviews when you buy. I was NOT the only one this happened to. To hear more listen to this weeks podcast @whinedownpodcast

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We would be left sick, too! So glad Jace is doing ok!!

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Feb 12, 2019 10:30am PDT