Jana Kramer Delivers Open Apology To Her Husband After Joking About His Cheating Scandal On Her Podcast

Jana Kramer is being the bigger woman and apologizing!

On Monday, the 35-year-old singer sent an open apology to her 31-year-old husband Mike Caussin, after she publicly joked about his 2016 cheating scandal that rocked their relationship.

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Speaking in a new episode of her Whine Down podcast, Kramer slipped up while discussing TLC‘s hit TV show Seeking Sister Wife, saying (below):

“What guy doesn’t want that… to have different partners and to have sex? I mean, that’s why my husband cheated on me.”

Yikes… not great! (But also, she got cheated on, soo…. fair game?)

And while she apologized immediately on the show with a “sorry babe” on air, Kramer evidently felt her joke was serious enough that she needed to address it in a full, public apology on her Instagram account, too.

Here’s her walk-back (below):

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Open apology to my husband: I’m a very sarcastic person and I joke a lot which when people don’t know me it might be taken the wrong way. But sometimes there is something under a joke and it can hurt someone else. And that’s what happened on this weeks podcast and I’m sorry. For me , sometimes my way of coping with pain and triggers is deflecting and making a joke. But that’s not the healthiest especially when it can hurt someone I care about. Truth is, the past year Mike has shown up in every way I could have hoped for. He’s an incredible father, and has been working his ass off for our family, me, and most importantly himself so I’m sorry mike and I love you and so thankful for you and our family and all your hard work!… #whinedown #podcast (also disclaimer: joking or not, from this episode on I’m gonna stop bringing “it” up because it is in the past and that’s where it needs to stay, **unless it’s to help people**so y’all help be my accountability)

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Definitely taking the high road and doing the right thing. Nice job, Jana! We just hope *your* hurt is considered here, too!

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Feb 5, 2019 10:29am PDT