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Is Jen Harley Pregnant Again? (And Whose Is It?!)

Jen Harley Pregnant Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Ex

If this were any other celeb, we’d take a confirmation of pregnancy as, you know, a confirmation of their pregnancy. But we’re going to tread softly considering the source here — which is none other than Jen Harley.

The infamous ex-girlfriend and baby momma to Ronnie Ortiz-Magro posted a link to an article speculating she was pregnant again, along with a photo holding her stomach (above) and the caption:

“It’s TRUE!”

And we’re still not a hundred percent.

There are a couple aspects of this apparent declaration giving us pause — the first of which is we had no idea she was even seeing anyone.

Certainly not Ronnie. The last we heard, the perennial on-again, off-again couple were WAY off, with some accusations of crimes and a restraining order between them.

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But obviously the baby wouldn’t have to be the Jersey Shore star’s. Nor does a woman even need a boyfriend to have a kid. So we can obviously move past that.

Second is the fact the photo in question doesn’t seem to match her other recent Instagram pics. Here’s that supposed baby bump pic again:

Jen Harley baby bump photo Instagram
(c) Jen Harley/Instagram

In all the other most recent posts, she seems to have the dyed blonde hair she’s been sporting most of the year.

For instance…

Jen Harley Drinking Instagram
“Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama ? ? ? #quarantinemehereplease #coconuts #shitisbananas” / (c) Jen Harley/Instagram

That pic is from two weeks ago. And if you were wondering what was inside that tropical coconut shell mug, you weren’t alone. A follower who also saw the apparent baby announcement couldn’t help but pose the question:

“Drinking when pregnant ?”

The sometime Jersey Shore: Family Vacation cast member actually responded, writing:

“are coconuts alcoholic ?✌?”

Hmm. That’s fair; just because something really, definitely looks like a cocktail doesn’t mean it is.

And regarding the hair color question, hairstyles change. People wear weaves. It could even be lighting. Who could say for sure? So we could let that pass, too.

But the main thing that has us rubbing our chins and narrowing our eyes like an IRL emoji?? She’s done this before!

Back in November 2018 she and Ronnie both linked to a story about a baby bump debut along with pics of her stomach. Only, they turned out to be old photos of her previous pregnancy — photos that she was “debuting.” Hmm. After all their understandably misled followers began congratulating them, they tweaked the wording of their posts to *ahem* more accurately reflect the truth before just deleting them entirely. Seeing as it was such an obvious misunderstanding, we had no choice but to conclude at the time they were kinda sorta faking a pregnancy announcement for clicks.

And we’re smelling the same thing here. The story she linked to speculates about her being pregnant, but the headline is “Jen Harley Shares New Baby Bump Photo!” As with the previous time, this could technically be read to be that she’s sharing a “new” photo of an old baby bump. And that’s what she’s saying is “true.” But she’s not trying hard to clear up any misunderstanding. She has comments turned off on that post, and we showed you how she reacted to someone asking about her being preggers on another post.

Yeah, we’re going to have to put our money on this being another, well, we don’t want to say “scam”…

[Image via Jen Harley/Instagram.]

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Apr 01, 2020 17:33pm PDT