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Jenelle Evans Is Becoming A Gardener -- You Know, THAT Kind Of Gardener!

Jenelle Evans Is Becoming A Gardener -- You Know, THAT Kind Of Gardener!

Jenelle Evans is starting her own business! But she has to move out of North Carolina to do it!

The Teen Mom veteran appears in the latest teaser clip of MTV‘s Teen Mom: The Next Chapter released on Tuesday. In it, David Eason‘s estranged wife talks to a potential business partner about going into the cannabis business! Yes, she’s about to be selling weed!

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After being pitched on how well-run the cannabis operation is, the 32-year-old admitted she’s been a fan of recreational (and therapeutic) use for a long time! Referencing her mom Barbara Evans and the vicious fights the two of them had ages ago on Teen Mom, Jenelle said:

“A long time ago, when I was on 16 And Pregnant and Teen Mom, it was me and my mom arguing and I was like, ‘it’s about this time of the day. I want to smoke [weed]’ and that just resonated with everybody. That one scene, I thought to myself, ‘I need to do something with this relating to weed’ and I thought the best thing would be to start a brand called This Time of the Day.”

That would certainly be clever! Jenelle also thought up a second angle on legal cannabis and the perception of it, too: women’s health! Pointing out that some women use marijuana to help get through the pain of monthly menstrual cramping, even as women (and especially moms!) are shamed for it, Evans continued:

“I think my history is going to have a lot to do with this brand, and I was thinking, like, moms are shamed for smoking.”

Watch the clip (below):


TBH, that might be a good opportunity for Jenelle if she goes through with it. But there’s just one liiiiiitle problem: marijuana is illegal in North Carolina! You can’t possess it, sell it, or grow it. There are a few very limited medical exceptions in the Tarheel State, but besides that, nope! So, she’ll have to move if she wants to jump into the cannabis industry. Or lobby to change state laws!

[Image via Teen Mom/YouTube]

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