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Jennifer Lopez Admits To 'PTSD' Before Ben Affleck Wedding Since 'It Kind Of All Fell Apart' Last Time

Jennifer Lopez Reveals She Had ‘PTSD’ Before Wedding With Ben Affleck: ‘It Kind Of All Fell Apart Back Then’

Jennifer Lopez is getting candid about the “PTSD” she experienced ahead of her wedding to Ben Affleck.

Six months after the famous couple said “I do” at their July 2022 wedding, the Golden Globe-nominated actress is spilling on the terror she felt before finally walking down the aisle. While discussing her wedding on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jen coyly explained:

“I don’t know if you guys know this, but 20 years ago, we were supposed to get married.”

Ha! The late night host playfully responded, “I’d heard — I’d read that.” So glad the Jenny from the Block singer is able to laugh about it! Well, she is now anyway. At the time it was like a doomed feeling of déjà vu thinking about their previous attempt to get hitched:

“It kind of all fell apart back then. And this time it was like, we still had a — I absolutely did — had a little PTSD. And so I was just like, What’s – Is this happening? Is this really happening?”


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The On the Floor singer then noted that despite their happiness, and the wedding in fact moving forward, the planning stage was “so stressful.” She explained:

“We’re so happy, and of course it was happening, but I just felt like the wedding was so stressful, and one day Ben just says, ‘F**k it, let’s just go to Vegas and get married tonight.'”

The truth comes out! Jen continued:

“We had had a big wedding planning meeting, and it was like, ‘No, it’s not, you can’t get married in Savannah,’ they were like, ‘You really shouldn’t do it there, maybe we should go to Italy, you don’t want to do it in the states.’”

She went on:

“I was like, ‘No, I want to — that’s where I want to do it.’ And it just was like, we hung up the phone and I was like, ‘This is crazy, what are we doing?’”

But like a supportive husband should, Ben calmed her worries and told her:

“‘Go to rehearsal, when you get back here, I’m going to have everything all set up.'”

She revealed:

“Three of our kids were at camp, two of them were with us, and he was like, ‘They’re going to be our witnesses, let’s go, we’re doing it tonight,’ and we did.”

So they really DID get married that first time in Vegas — and the Georgia ceremony was just for fun!

J.Lo called the impromptu decision “amazing,” and “the best night.” As you surely know, the couple did go on to have their big Savannah ceremony a month later with their families. We bet it was a lot less stressful knowing the man waiting for her at the altar was already locked in legally! LOLz!

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As for the ring situation, the Shotgun Wedding star told Kimmel that despite previously being engaged, they did go through proposal motions all over again: 

“He had to ask me again. I didn’t have that [ring] anymore.”

Oh no! The Harry Winston! We thought she kept it! But then… where is that beautiful thing?? So sad…

See the full interview segment for more marriage talk (below):

As for Ben himself, the déjà vu is all delicious. He told Vogue back in November his now-wife is “exactly the same person I remember from 20 years ago.” He sweetly added: 

“Maybe she sees all the changes she’s made, whereas when I see her, mostly I just see someone who has retained, against the odds, the thing about her that always made her the most incredible to me: a heart that seems boundless with love. She is my idea of the kind of person I want to be.”

We love that! It’s so great that he was able to help his bride through the anxiety she was feeling ahead of their wedding — and even devise such a spontaneous plan! LOVING this new Bennifer!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below.

[Images via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube]

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