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Joe Alwyn Left 'Depressed & Emotionally Drained' After Dealing With So Many Questions About Taylor Swift Split

Joe Alwyn Left ‘Depressed & Emotionally Drained’ After Dealing With So Many Questions About Taylor Swift Split

Joe Alwyn was “depressed and emotionally drained” after facing so many questions about his romance with Taylor Swift.

As Perezcious readers know, the actor finally broke his silence on the couple’s shocking 2023 split in an interview with The Times over the weekend, in which he expressed how the breakup was “a hard thing to navigate” while asking everyone to move on and stop speculating about what happened. Now, we’re getting more insight into why the Conversations with Friends alum spoke out in the first place — and how all the talk about his ex-girlfriend has left him deeply emotional!

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On Monday, a source told that the London Boy chose to address the elephant in the room because he knows it’s all anyone has been wanting to talk to him about since the split occurred. While heading out on a press tour for his upcoming film Kinds of Kindness, he was hoping to shut down the line of questioning for good, the source explained:

“Joe wanted to get this over with once and for all so he can move forward with his life and his career.”

Seemingly blaming the songwriter and her new album for giving fans more reason to speculate about their romance due to cryptic lyrics, the insider added:

“He never wanted to say anything and was hoping it would all blow over, but it hasn’t. Taylor has made a fortune off their breakup by forming an entire album around it. Meanwhile he has been cast as ‘Taylor’s ex.'”

That’s literally what he is, though! How can he be made about that? LOLz! Besides, what did he expect after dating the superstar? Writing songs about her exes is what she does best! People were bound to want to know his side of the story because of it! While the 33-year-old supposedly never wanted to say anything, he ultimately felt he had no choice — mostly because it was starting to affect his mental health. The source continued:

“He cannot go anywhere without being asked about Taylor. He had his people tell everyone in advance that he was not going to answer questions about Taylor, but he knew that is all people wanted to ask him about. It became depressing and emotionally draining. Their romance was private — quite the opposite of her relationship with Travis [Kelce]. It was partly due to covid restrictions, but they also preferred it that way. Joe has moved on and is doing promotional work for his films and upcoming projects, so he decided he needed to get this out to move forward. He wants to be asked about his films, not about Taylor.”

Despite the frustration, Joe has no “ill will” for the Grammy winner — but he does want her to understand how hurtful her lyrics can be:

“He wishes her no ill will, but he also needed her to know that appearing to address their relationship without confirming who she is singing about can have a lasting and hurtful effect on the people / men involved.”

Again, shaming her for her profession — one that she was doing LONG before he stepped into the picture. Perhaps he should’ve thought of this all before they first linked up!? We get this must be difficult, but it should not have been a surprise to him. Just saying!

Looking to the future, the Harriet alum hopes to be done with this conversation for good, the confidant declared:

“He does not want to discuss this anymore, but he knew that if he didn’t say anything, it would go on indefinitely. Swifties never let anything die.”

Oof! The shade!

He’s clearly still annoyed by all this! And while we’d never wish any of the mental health side effects of this split on anyone, do you think he has a right to be so upset about the breakup speculation and Taylor’s songwriting?? Tell us YOUR hot takes (below)!

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