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Joel Osteen Gets DESTROYED On Twitter After Smarmy Today Show Interview!

Joel Osteen Today Show Interview Book Twitter Reacts

They say any press is good press, but that definitely isn’t true in the age of Twitter. Just look at Jensen Karp, who probably could have lived the rest of his life in a blissful marriage to Topanga from Boy Meets World — but thanks to going viral got a lot of women simultaneously coming forward with allegations he was an emotionally abusive boyfriend. All because of some shrimp tails in his Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

When you’ve had as many problematic moments over the years as Joel Osteen, becoming a trending topic is basically a guaranteed leap into the firing line — so maybe in retrospect appearing on the Today show wasn’t such a good idea for the brand?

In short for those still unfamiliar, Osteen is one of those megachurch pastors who preaches their message to thousands at a time — and make MILLIONS telling folks gays are full of sin. In 2017 he got into some hot water for showing he was not at all interested in practicing what he preached — as he turned locals away from taking shelter in his enormous Lakewood Church in Houston during the flooding of Hurricane Harvey.

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Most recently the televangelist was also discovered to be one of the many ultra rich folks who took advantage of the government handouts during the pandemic, reportedly taking a $4.4 million PPP loan. Remember, these loans were supposed to be for small businesses who were harshly affected by the quarantine. Osteen was still perfectly capable of posting his hateful sermons to his nearly 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and accepting “donations” online.

Remember, this “saint” has an estimated net worth north of $100 million as of 2021. He lives in a $10 mil mansion. And he took millions anyway, money that should have gone to real small businesses in need.

It’s perhaps those facts that rubbed people the wrong way when Osteen said during an interview with Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb — an interview that played more like a paid ad for his new book — that people should start the day “grateful” and not rush around trying to get the kids ready and worrying about their daily problems:

“Focus on what you do have, not what you don’t have.”

Sounds less like a message from God and more like a memo from the corporate office explaining why minimum wage wouldn’t be going up again, right? At least, coming from an insanely rich guy…

Twitter was, not shockingly, unimpressed with the lack of journalism in the “interview.” See some of the strongest reactions (below):

“I know I’m not cut out for journalism as I watch Savannah and Hoda be cheerful and excited while interviewing Joel Osteen… I can only fake so much”

“Hey @TODAYshow maybe ask Joel Osteen why his church took almost $5-million in COVID relief that could’ve gone to small businesses—instead of just letting him promote another ghostwritten book.”

“I’ve gotten more sincere advice from bathroom graffiti than from anything Joel Osteen has said”

“The Today Show had Joel Osteen on air to promote his new grift book that tells others to not worry about having material possessions, fraudster who stole $5M in PPP Covid loans, has an untaxed Megachurch Ponzi scheme and lives in a mega mansion. What an evil charlatan.”

“Joel Osteen on The Today Show is ridiculous! Ask him the hard questions! How come he worships money & leaves his desperate flock responsible for paying him? How much PPP money did he take? This is why we need to tax them!This is a snake oil salesman, @SavannahGuthrie & @hodakotb!”

“If Jesus was alive today he would think Joel Osteen was an a**hole.”

Yeah. Sadly we don’t hold out much hope that those who are signing their paychecks over to this guy are looking at the evidence of what a self-serving leech he is. But who knows, maybe if one follower at a time can see these facts they haven’t seen before…

[Image via The Today Show/Twitter]

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May 17, 2021 13:17pm PDT