Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Sparks #JusticeForJanet Outrage! See What The NFL Has To Say About A ‘Ban’

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Yep, people are still pissed!

As we reported, Justin Timberlake will be headlining the 2018 Super Bowl Halftime show in February — but not everyone was excited to hear the news.

Specifically, the Twitter users who are still upset about JT’s 2004 Super Bowl performance alongside Janet Jackson, which will historically be remembered as NippleGate.

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Few are able to forget the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” that accidentally exposed Miz Jackson’s pierced nipple to 90 million viewers, and some people are calling out the NFL for letting Justin off the hook — but not Janet!

While many social media users are using the hashtag #JusticeForJanet to express rage over society unfairly blaming Janet more than Justin, others are taking it further — saying Janet is STILL “banned” from performing at the Super Bowl. Fans are not only demanding an apology from Timberlake, but asking for the NFL to lift Jackson’s alleged ban and allow her to return to the Halftime stage.

The only problem with that last part? Janet isn’t even banned from performing!

A league spokesperson straight up told TMZ “there’s no ban” regarding Michael Jackson‘s lil sis performing at the halftime show.

As for Janet potentially making a cameo in JT’s show, the rep added:

“We are not going to comment on any speculation regarding potential guests. There may be no guests. Along with Pepsi, we’re excited to have Justin Timberlake.”

Well, that’s certainly not a no!

Of course, this statement came after the Twitter fury. See what some of the #JusticeForJanet posts said for yourself (below):

“Please trend #JusticeForJanet. The NFL still hasn’t lifted the ban but Justin is free to perform its wrong and she deserves better.”

“But yet Janet Jackson is still banned smfh!! I don’t give a damn what y’all say talk about white privilege”

“Apparently Justin Timberlake is finalizing a deal to perform at the Superbowl. If Janet is banned then he should be too.”

“So Justin Timberlake is performing at the Super Bowl and Janet Jackson is still banned for something HE HAS YET TO APOLOGIZE FOR. k.”

Well, we’re DEFINITELY glad people are pointing out the unbalanced post-scandal treatment Janet received in general. It’s understandable that people are rightfully pissed over Janet’s mistreatment. She got the short end of the stick, and we think it’s safe to say white privilege was a big factor in that, but the confirmation of no ban makes us realize we need to be informed before speaking out or else the misinformation will only hurt in getting our point across.

Oh. If you’re one of the few who don’t know what NippleGate is, here it is:

How do YOU feel about the Justin/Janet drama?

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Oct 23, 2017 3:13pm PST