Kanye West Tweets Lengthy Apology To Drake In Hopes Of Ending Their Feud!

Kanye West is officially done beefing with Drake.

On Wednesday, the Ghost Town rapper tweeted a message of love and support to his musical adversary, apologizing for all the drama that went down between them over the past few months — like that time his GOOD Music artist, Pusha T, exposed Drizzy’s love child in a diss track.

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Ye’s remorseful rant began with him gushing over pictures of Drake’s stage for his tour with Migos. He tweeted:

Kanye then set the record straight on a few things, claiming he never had any conversations with Pusha over Drake’s love child with Sophie BrussauxHe also apologized for “stepping on” Drake’s album release by having his artists continue to drop LP’s every week earlier this summer, eventually coinciding with the release of Scorpion.

Not only was he caught up in collaboration process, Ye said, he was “ramped doing 25 tweets a day” and eventually dealing with that whole “slavery” comment shitstorm from his TMZ interview. He shared:

As for Pusha T’s diss track The Story Of Adidon, in which he revealed the truth about Drake having a son, Kanye made it clear he had nothing to do with the baby revelation.

In case you forgot, Kanye was slammed for bringing Wiz Khalifa’s son into an argument when two were in the middle of a vicious beef, which Kanye eventually apologized for.

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While Ye also empathized with Pusha in his rant, noting that he understands the man’s “issues” toward his fellow rap titan, the father of three confirmed he wants to officially take his beef with Drake off the grill — and he wants to do it in person!

Drake has upcoming shows in Boston, Washington D.C., and Philly. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for the long overdue reconciliation.

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Sep 5, 2018 7:20am PST