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Kanye West's Wife Bianca SNUBBED Her Family In Italy -- Because Of His Sick Rules?!

Kanye West's Wife Bianca SNUBBED Her Family In Italy -- Because Of His Sick Rules?!

Oof. Bianca Censori spent much of the summer in Italy and didn’t even bother to see her family?!

As we all know, the architectural designer and her husband Kanye West caused a scene as they traveled around Europe the last few months, but now her family is speaking out after they were completely “snubbed” by the couple! Speaking to on Wednesday, the 28-year-old’s relatives complained that she didn’t bother to meet up during her travels. Her cousin Fabiola Censori, from Giulianova (where Bianca’s grandparents reportedly emigrated from) told the outlet:

“We haven’t seen anything of Bianca’s family here for years. The eldest of my uncle’s children used to visit for a while but they stopped coming back to Italy years ago. I’ve never met Bianca but I would love to — it was a shame she didn’t come and visit us when she was here in Italy on holiday.”

Ahh, so they haven’t met before?? Well, that’s not as bad as ignoring a close relative!

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But either way, the family is still hurt she didn’t use this trip as an opportunity to finally reach out — and they sound a little salty that they couldn’t meet the rapper at the same time! The cousin continued:

“We could have shown her where her dad and his brothers and sisters and her grandparents grew up. Her dad came here years ago and we had a beautiful evening together with all the family and it was wonderful to see him but as for Bianca and Kanye no comment. We feel a bit ignored.”

Another relative, who asked to be named Andrea, shared her two cents:

“I’ve never met Bianca but I’m hoping that next time she is in Italy she will come and visit us. I’ve heard all about her from other relatives and she sounds good fun – I imagine an evening out with her and Kanye would be very interesting.”

While Bianca and Ye haven’t addressed this snub, one reason they might not have made the visit is that the Yeezy designer reportedly has some seriously concerning rules for wifey. As in: she literally can’t talk! Last week, the outlet reported that the Praise God artist has demanded that the Australian “never speak” and that she follow a list of other rules, such as only eating certain foods, working out, and wearing what the Grammy winner wants her to wear. So, it wouldn’t have been much of a meeting if she wasn’t allowed to say anything!!

Besides, if Bianca is busy cutting off loved ones from her life amid her potentially toxic romance, we don’t see why she’d be inclined to suddenly welcome new people into her inner circle. Just saying!

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Do you think Bianca should have visited her relatives?? Sound OFF (Below)!

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